Welcome Back Michael Vick, I missed you

14 Aug

Michael Vick is back in the NFL. So, I’m not really going to celebrate, but I am glad he’s back. You know he has a chance to resurrect his image as a man. I really hope he does the right thing especially since it’s a second chance. You know sometimes people don’t even get a second chance, so I hope cashes in. I also think it was nice of the Philadelphia Eagles, even though there getting a benefit out of the deal. They didn’t have to do it and huge ups to Tony Dungy, what a great person. I tell you what, Dungy is a better person than he ever was a coach. He was a big reason that Vick got another contract in the NFL, and Michael has to be gracious that he got hooked up with a guy like that. To think that Michael’s advisors have change from childhood friends that promoted, supported, and condoned his questionable decision making. And now he has the man Tony Dungy in his corner.

Now as far as what I’m going to do…I already said that the Super Bowl will be the Eagles and the Patriots. I do think that the Patriots will win, but the Eagles will definitely have a shot at winning it all.
And I will be buying a Michael Vick Jersey.

-Kortney Shane

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Posted by on August 14, 2009 in Football, NFL


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