My 52nd Grammy Awards

01 Feb

So, the Grammys are tonight, and I love the Grammys. It’s my favorite awards show. I say that because it gathers the best artist of the year in one location. It’s almost like a snap shot of what people liked all year in each genre of music.

I can still remember when Coldplay performed with Jay-Z, like it was yesterday. I remember Kanye West and Jamie Fox, and when Lauryn Hill set the record for most Grammys by a woman at a single award show. I even remember going crazy when OutKast won album of the year for Speakerboxxx/The Love Below (rappers just don’t win that). I tore my parents’ living room up celebrating like the Indians won the World Series (I really think I should have cleaned that mess up).

I believe last year was the greatest Grammys I’ve ever saw. When you look at the class, and the artist that performed, it was great.

So, tonight another chapter will be written. The 52nd Grammy awards have a class of talent that is okay at best. The lineup of performers is terrible, but I will still watch. If I could change one thing, I would have blown out Kanye West’s ACL with a bat, as soon as I saw him approach Taylor Swift. Then he would have never gave his, “…I’m going to let you finish in a minute…” speech. If not for that he would be nominated for album of the year, best pop album, best rap album, single of the year, and he would be performing. Maybe then it would have been a great show.

-Kortney Shane

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