I like Grease Fires, Train Wrecks, and The Jersey Shore

13 Feb

Let’s begin…

So I found out from a trustworthy source, that the cast members of MTV’s Jersey Shore, will be filming the second season of their hit show in (this is where you drum role) Miami on South Beach.

Now I really don’t care where they film the show. As long as they entertain me I could care less. I liked the show when it was in Jersey, and hopefully I’ll like it in Miami.
We’ll see.

I have a sister that lives in Miami, and she loved the Jersey Shore, but since finding out it will be in Miami, she hates. Why? I call it “The Car Accident Effect” everyone like a car accident as long as their not in the driver’s seat. Now that their picking on what she likes, her city, her neighborhood, she doesn’t like it. Even though they’ll still be doing the same stupid stuff, like trying to nab all the “Gorilla Juiceheads” they can.

I think that if it’s good for the goose it’s good for the gander, under most circumstances. I mean really, Jersey Shore is good for no one. I feel the side effects of watching that show for a week, which is convenient because I’m ready for the next show. I guess that makes it okay. So, rock on Jersey Shore. Keep fist pumping, keep beating that beat up, nab “Gorillas”, and stay on your “GTL” schedule while in Miami. Make me laugh while touring America with your show. Heck! Tour the world and let them see the train wreck too. Don’t deprive the world of a good laugh. Just please let me know where you’ll be, because I need time to pack my stuff if you’re coming to my city. I don’t want to be the driver of The Car Accident.

-Kortney Shane
Comedian (Maybe a writer)

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