NBAs Greatest Players. The Fourth Edition

14 Feb

Let’s begin…

So, some time ago I made a huge error in judgment. I wrote a blog some time ago about the greatest NBA players ever. There were some errors, but probably the most deplorable error was the way I evaluated James Worthy. I had Worthy entirely too high on my list. He’s a good player but he probably isn’t in the top 35 ever. He may not even be in the top 40. So I apologize formally for my error in judgment.

So, here’s my new list.

Get ready

I just did the top 14 because after that it started getting questionable, and I don’t want Kevin McHale fans sending me hate mail (Oh yeah, he didn’t make the list. That ends the suspense)

1. Bill Russell
He was the ultimate winner in the NBA. He won as a player and as a coach in the NBA. He has 11 championships, and played on the greatest Celtics’ team of all time. He was just the greatest trust me.

2. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
6 MVPs and 6 Championships, enough said

Michael Jordan Kobe Bryant Shaquille O’Neil Magic Johnson
This list is in no particular order. I really couldn’t decide where these guys fit in the next 4 slots. So, I decided to slot them all together (it’s my list I can do whatever I want to do). Michael Jordan was scene as the greatest player ever until he retired, and stayed retired. Then people started thinking, “I don’t remember him beating anyone dominate during his second championship run” (anytime you say, “Second championship run” and there’s an argument. I probably have the problem here). Kobe Bryant is ridiculously good, but when you think about how he changed so much on the court, and how he really was only the best player in the for about 3 seasons. It makes me wonder. Shaquille O’Neil is one of a kind. He has been to the championship with 3 different teams in 2 different eras of the NBA. That’s crazy to think about, but then you think…if he was so great? Why was he traded in his prime? As a teammate how could you not just be the bigger man and figure it out…and oh yeah, why couldn’t he shoot free throws? Now we get to Magic Johnson. He was one of the ultimate teammates. He made everyone around him better, and everyone loved playing with him. He was a winner and did anything to win. He even went as far as playing center in the NBA Finals after the Lakers had an injury.

I think as Kobe and Shaq’s career wind down, I will have a better grip on where they are historically.

I think it will end up being
Shaq, Jordan, Magic, and Kobe in no particular order.

7. Tim Duncan
This is one of the greatest players ever that gets no respect. He’s been a 2 time MVP, 3 time Playoff MVP, and a 4 time NBA champion. However no one talks about him, so let me continue that trend by stopping here.

8. Larry Bird.
He was the greatest pure shooter and the greatest clutch shooter of all time. He dealt with crunch time pressure and delivered every time. My favorite moment of his career was the three point contest where he raised the number one finger before the last shot even went in. It’s one of the greatest NBA photos ever. Now excuse me. I need to change my computers background.

9. Wilt Chamberlain
So, I guess Wilt is famous for having sex with a lot of women, and scoring 100 points. What people don’t talk about is that he was a classic underachiever, and a “Me First Guy”. He has to be this high strictly on the numbers (which are ridiculous).

10. Oscar Robertson
It was really close between him and West. I almost had to just flip a coin. Both were great players, and Oscar was probably better, but he wasn’t nearly the teammate West was. I give the edge to Robertson because he was better skilled, but it could change tomorrow.

11. Jerry West
“Mr. Clutch” is what many in the NBA circle call him. He’s the NBA logo, and ambassador for the game. Beside begin one of the top three Lakers of all time. He built what I believe to be eight championship Lakers teams (check my numbers for accuracy).

12. John Havlicek
Great player. Part of the backbone of the greatest Boston Celtics’ teams ever.

13. Moses Malone
The NBA’s greatest rebounder ever and it’s not even close. Mr. Hard worker is what he was, and we haven’t scene anything like him since.

14. Hakeem Olajuwon.
He was a beast of a player. He Drag a team full of role players to two championships, while serving up (a young) Shaq, an over-hyped Patrick Ewing, and David Robinson. He was a real class act.

-Kortney Shane
Comedian (Maybe a writer)

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