NBA Trade Deadline 2010

18 Feb

Let’s begin…

So, the trade deadline is looming. All trades must be done by Thursday at 3 pm ET. Time for a disclaimer I’m a Cleveland sports fan (So, if you’re expecting me to breakdown how the Knicks can get LeBron, you’re in the wrong place), not by choice, I was born there (If I could choose I would pick New Zealand, just so I could go there without a passport). So I’m a miserable sports fan. To watch Jordan over Craig Elio, Hosea Mesa blow the World Series, Shawn Kemp at 350 in a Cavs uniform, Elway on “The Drive” (I would keep going, but out of nowhere a knife appeared at my wrist and I have to talk my brain into letting it go).

So, I love the fact that the Cavs have had a good team for the last 5 years. We haven’t gotten over the hump, but the year (like last year) feels like our year. The Cavs are said to be in the running to land Amare Stoudemire or Antawn Jamison, which makes me happy.
My problem is they’ve been talking about these trades for like 3 weeks. Does it really take that long? GET IT DONE. Even if the Cavs don’t get them, somebody please get them (So I can get on with fantasying my championship team with the pieces they will actually have.

I know how we can solve the problem. Pat Riley and Danny Ferry should play to 11; make it take it, for Stoudemire. The loser has to play sudden death against Gilbert Arenas, for the Services of Antawn Jamison.

If I ran the league everyone would win.

-Kortney Shane
Comedian (Maybe a writer)

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