How bad did it Hurt. After the Oscars 2010

09 Mar

Let’s begin…

So, last night was the Academy awards, and The Hurt Locker was the big winner. I won in the categories that most people see as the bench make for movie of the year (Best Picture and Best Director). It also beat out Avatar, which is the highest grossing movie ever. Some see the decision as controversial and maybe even sense some foul play. Some feel it was a sentimental pick, because of the director because she is the first female to win such an award (by the way, what is a Hurt Locker?? Someone please tell me). That’s the issue I want to address.

I over heard a woman say,
“Man it’s so great that a woman won.”

Then I went online, and that was the leading story.

It sounds good, but should that be the story? I don’t know, and I don’t even think I care. However, that is the story. You always hear about people wanting the nation to change, and when will these types of celebrations stop. I don’t know that it will ever go away. There will always be a first to do something in any culture, city, or country, so it’s not going away.
The only thing that could possibly go away is the admiration for these types of stories (don’t think that will happen as long as newspapers are selling columns. On second thought, it will definitely happen because newspapers are on life support with a DNR).

Personally I’m indifferent to the story, as long as everything is judge by the same standards. I could care less about press coverage. So, if The Hurt Locker was the best, it should have won regardless of director. Now the fact that the director was a woman is a story. One can argue that it’s inspirational, but it’s still a story. No more and no less.

By the way, The Hurt Locker was better than Avatar. Maybe the bitter Ex should have directed both of them?

-Kortney Shane
Comedian (Maybe a writer)

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