Lakers, We May Have a Problem

13 Mar

Let’s begin…

First I want to say in full disclaimer, I am a Cleveland Cavaliers fan. Let me pose a question??

I’m starting to hear whispers on dissention in L.A in regard to the Lakers. There were reports that Gasol and Kobe, don’t have the “buddy, buddy” relationship that the media has wanted us to believe all season (Kind of reminds me of the Kobe v. Shaq beef). Gasol even came out publicly and said the ball wasn’t moving enough on offense (that means Kobe is shooting too much).

Then I watch the game Sunday, and Ron Artest had words and colors all in his head, Ron coloring his hair is not the problem. If you want to color it, by all means color it. However, when you start doing things that you don’t normally do, to create a spark. I can only conclude one thing…Desperation.

Now on top of the Kobe v. Gasol, Ron and the Desperation, you still have a basketball problem. Derrick Fisher still can’t guard anybody (I know everyone is surprised. You thought he would be better this year. Where is Mateen Cleaves when you need him)? When I look at all these things together, it sounds like a recipe for a downfall (I think that’s me hoping. Did I say I was a Cavs fan)?

I will be keeping my eye on this, and maybe you should too.

-Kortney Shane

Comedian (Maybe a writer)

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