NCAA Tournament 2010. I break it all down, and it may surprise you.

18 Mar

Let’s begin…

So there is no college basketball ranking list this week. Why you ask me; because the college basketball regular season is over, and the NCAA Tournament is upon us. So, now that all the critics have reacted to the field I’m going to give you the real break down. No emotions just what I think.

So, obviously everyone on ESPN (Big ups by the way, like they need it. I actually need it, so big ups to me) and every other sports channel, has been talking about how Kansas got the toughest bracket and Duke got the easiest bracket (which is true. Conspiracy theorist will emerge against Duke, and they should. I would be a conspiracy theorist, but I enjoy reality). But let me say this…Duke is so bad it will not matter. They’re not getting past the first weekend. I think this will be a testament to how bad the basketball players at that school are (I’m sure some of not all of them are great human beings, but that’s not what wins games, ball players do. Note: See The University of Miami in the 90s.). Duke just doesn’t have players.


Keep your eye on this:

  • Watch Georgetown, they have the ability to keep up with any team. They can match the pace of any team, and they have the outside shooting to compete.
  • Watch Baylor and Louisville, I really like them, especially in that soft bracket. Either could get to the Final Four.
  • Keep your eye on Washington. They have NBA players. The Pac-10 was bad, but I got a feeling (of course I do live in Seattle, and I just ate some chili). They may not win a game however, because Marquette has been beating tough teams all year.



  • I’m surprised Virginia Tech’s Seth Greenberg, has the nerve to complain. Dude, you played a terrible schedule, and you still got left out in one of the weakest fields ever. I really think he complains to keep his job, after missing the tournament every year. Be happy you even got in the NIT.
  • I’m shocked Villanova was a number 2 seed, but if not them who? I guess I agree with that decision.


Best Possible games in order:

  1. Ohio State v. Georgetown, I love this match up and believe it will happen.
  2. Kentucky v. Kansas, the amount of NBA players on the floor would be ridiculous.
  3. Kentucky v. West Virginia, What will young Kentucky does with the Big East Champ?


Final Four and the big winner:

The Final Four will be Louisville, Kentucky, Syracuse, and Kansas.


The winner will be Syracuse. I believe they have had the best team all year. I also believe they have the second best coach in the tournament (the best coach has a bad team. You figure out who that is??).


So that’s what I think will happen, and with all that being said. I could be completely wrong, but that’s the best thing about sports (However, I’m not wrong about Virginia Tech. They are terrible.)


-Kortney Shane

Comedian (Maybe a writer)

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