Health Care, do you like it? “I do. I don’t. This may turn out bad or good.”

25 Mar

Let’s begin…

So, Obama now has something we can identify with the presidency. Every president has something we can indentify with them (at least the memorable ones and all the good ones).

  • Bush had the war
  • Clinton had infidelity
  • Regan had Reganomics
  • Nixon had Watergate

Now Obama can add his name to this list with healthcare.

I read as mush on the healthcare bill in the last 2 days that I could find. I see that both the Democrats and Republicans wanted a plan. However, they disagreed on the execution. There are some things I don’t like about what I read.

  • You must have a healthcare plan and if you decline you will pay a fee (except for some financial exceptions).
  • There is no detail on what the plans will be, how much they will cost, and where exactly the coverage is coming from.

That’s really the only negative things I see in regard to the bill. I don’t like when people impose things, with no alternative. I hear all these people defending it. The most common argument is that you have to pay for certain things, “Well it’s like car insurance. They make you get car insurance.”

Yeah, but no one makes you buy a car. You get to decide whether that’s something you want first. Then if you decide that’s what you want to do, insurance is part of what you pay. I’m okay with that, because you have an option. I guess you could leave the county, but oh yeah; you need to be approved to leave by America. Because God forbid you had a good time somewhere else.

With that being said, I like America’s stand on most issues, and even most of the issues in the bill. I do like that you can’t be refused for preexisting conditions, you can stay on your parents insurance until 26, and companies with over 50 employees must now provide healthcare to workers (This slams my favorite fast food restaurants and Wal-Mart, good for them).

So if this goes well Obama gets 4 more years. If not I saw a house in Chicago he can move into.


-Kortney Shane

Comedian (Maybe a writer)

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