Watch Out University of Washington Basketball

25 Mar

Lets Begin…
I have to start this by saying I live in Seattle Washington, so I have to write something about the University of Washington (pronounced you Dub) Basketball team (if I didn’t I would act like they didn’t exist, like I have been all year).
Now people in Seattle are semi/kinda/sort-of/apprehensively excited about the fact that Washington has made it to the Sweet Sixteen(in Seattle that means they’re excited, but they can feel the usual seattle heartbreak around the corner. I’m familiar with this feeling somewhat, because my birth place is Cleveland Ohio. The difference in Cleveland is we go all in emotionally, knowing that are heart will be broken). No I must first issue a disclaimer, I had Washington losing in the first round of the Tournament. I didn’t think they would play well. I thought the Pac-10 was terrible with no good teams. However, they do have a couple pro players (pro players don’t mean NBA players. Relax Seattle.) and a good coach. So maybe I should have seen it coming. I underestimated them, so my apologies to Seattle. My bad, and Washington definitely has a chance to make it to the Elite 8.
But hold on (Lee Corse of ESPN game day would say, “Not so fast my friend”). I had to ask myself, “Who did they beat?”
  • They beat Marquette. A team that lost in the second round of the Big East Tournament, and beat no…I mean zero good teams since January.
  • And they beat New Mexico. A team that was okay, but over there skis after winning a game in the Tournament. They also played in a terrible league. Quick name their conference. Quick, quick…Mountain West Conference.

“Well Washington won a lot of games, and the Pac 10 Tourney.” They were the best in a bad conference. They played 2 good teams all year. The beat Texas A&M, and got beat down by Georgetown. They’re not a good team, just like I originally thought.

So I predict that Washington will get the doors blown off them tomorrow, or tonight depending on when you read this (at this time Lee Corso would grab his West Virginia Mountaineer gear, and shoot a gun).

-Kortney Shane

Comedian (maybe a writer)

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