The Final Four, My Take on it

04 Apr

Let’s begin…

Another year and once again here I am. I said last week that I would not be watching the Final Four, but I can’t resist. I really don’t think the teams are great, and the games will be nearly unwatchable. With that being said I will be front and center. If this was the beginning of the season I would definitely skip it. However, the season has 3 games left in it, and then baseball starts. Baseball is the worst thing about summer. So I’m not letting these games go to waste even though I wish I could.

The winners tonight will be… West Virginia and Michigan State, both of these teams are superior to there opponents.

And the National Champion will be, Michigan State. Izzo is a great coach, and this will be known as the best coaching job in tournament history. I do think Butler has a chance to win it all as well if they get past Michigan State. Let’s just break it down to Championship win percentage.

Michigan State 40%

Butler 25%

West Virginia 25%


    So there’s your predictions now enjoy the games.

-Kortney Shane

Comedian (Maybe a writer)


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