The Champion Boston Celtics, I was never fooled

21 Apr

Let’s begin…

    I have argued that the 2008 Boston Celtics were never a championship team. Before we go any further lets get a couple of things straight. First off the best team doesn’t always win an NBA playoff series (1994 Nuggets, 2007 Golden State, and any team with Vince Carter). Also there is a difference between a championship team and a team that won a championship.

    The 2008 Boston team was a group of players put together to win a championship, and that’s exactly what they did. The magic of the 2008 Celtics is that it put together people that had something to prove. Doc Rivers had to prove that he wasn’t a bad coach (he’s a decent coach). James Posey had to prove that he wasn’t a one trick pony, and he wasn’t. Garnett, Allen, and Pierce had to prove they could win, and they did. Danny Ainge had to prove he wasn’t a terrible General Manager, and he is terrible. Make no mistake about it. He’s missed more times than Nick Anderson in the 95′ Finals. If not for the inside job he pulled off with Kevin Garnett, he would have been fired by now (it reminds me of how Bush was re-elected, except Bush was better at his job).

    So, Boston had the perfect combination of people and seized the opportunity. They should get full credit for that. I’m a Cleveland fan, hopefully Mike Holmgren is listening. I wouldn’t mind winning a championship with LaDainian Tomlinson, Matt Hasselbeck, and Chad Ochocinco if that’s what it takes. However, that doesn’t mean you’re a championship team. A true championship team has more than one great playoff run inside of them. That doesn’t necessarily mean they win multiple championships (please see the 2004 Detroit Pistons). It does mean that you should be a viable contender for the championship. So if you won one title, and never did anything in the playoffs before or since…you’re not a true champion. The Miami Heat won a Championship once upon a time, and no one brings it up. That’s exactly how the 2008 Celtics should be remembered.

    “So what happens to a team that believes they’re champions when they’re not?” Oh that’s easy, they become the 2010 Celtics, over hyped old players that can’t play. They talk trash, they can’t back up. They start elbowing down low to get an advantage. And they begin wearing the Patrick Ewing endorsed volleyball kneepads. Remember when people said, “Paul Pierce is the best player in the NBA.” If you said that, how dumb do you feel right now? Whenever Pierce breaks his leg in the first quarter, and comes back in the game before halftime. Only one word comes to mind “Fraud.” If you look back to 2008 season was he even a top five player then? Think to yourself…was he better than LeBron, no…better than Kobe, no…how about Chris Paul, Steve Nash, D-Wade, or even Carmelo Anthony, no (I will stop there, you get the point). Remember Kevin Garnett in 08′? The guy that would start cursing after every made basket and snatch the opponent’s ball out of the air once a foul is called. Yeah that guy is long gone. His athleticism has left him, and now he’s just annoying. I would call him a bully, but occasionally a bully beats someone up. Garnett runs from a fight faster than Usain Bolt (See Zaza Pachulia video ). I wish Charles Oakley was still in the league. I would personally give him a fifth of Jack, and one of the new KFC chicken sandwiches. It would be great to watch him play against Garnett. As soon as Garnett yells, “Anything is possible” Oakley would come out of know where and hit him with the Flair Chop. At least bring back Rafer Alston, and let him slap Eddie House again (sorry to pick on Eddie, but I want to laugh). You may not believe it, but I like Kevin Garnett. He is one of my favorite players all time. I think he’s a hall of famer, and a great player. I just want to see him get slapped.

    Now that Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, and Paul Pierce are content with their championship. We should let them ride into the sunset. Once they lose in the second round of the 2010 playoff, we should take them off life support. Send flowers, a card, and wish them well. It was great to see for one year, but it’s over.

-Kortney Shane

Comedian (Maybe a writer)

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