Avatar Ushers in a Decade of 3-D

28 Apr

Let’s begin…

    So Avatar has been released on Blu-ray and DVD. Later this year it will be released in 3-D. I believe this is a symbol that the age of 3-D is upon us. Every decade is stamped by what happened in that 10 year window. The 70’s had disco and free love, 80’s belong to Michael Jackson, the 90’s witnessed rap music take over the mainstream music, in the 2000’s mp3s, internet, and entertainment on demand took over. Now it starts a new decade, and I see 3-D (It took me 15 minutes to find something to Rhyme). Avatar will forever be known as the headliner of this movement. Now personally I think Avatar is a terrible movie. I saw Pocahontas the first time it came out. I didn’t need blue people to remind me of how bad it was. I haven’t heard one person say it was a good movie. People do say the movie “Looked cool” or it was a special film. And all that is fine, but here’s the problem, because that movie made so much money. Now there will be a crop of just unwatchable movies coming out in 3-D. Then they’ll have T.V. in 3-D, then video games. Next thing you know they’ll be trying to make a 3-D baby (I know that sounds weird, but I couldn’t think of anything funny). Now you will have3 great 3-D films and experiences, but there will be a lot more garbage making money. It will be like rap music in the 90s. For every Jay-Z and NaS you have a Petey Pablo and a Bone Crusher.

    So the 3-D decade isn’t going to be all good. I do think for the most part 3-D will be great for in home entertainment. Imagine coming home after a long day, grabbing an adult beverage, and watching Cooley High in 3-D (Okay that’s my fantasy). I will say I’m not interested in watching sports in 3-D. I don’t want to see another grown man sweat that close to me. Think about this for a minute, do you really want to look up and see Ray Lewis’ package while you’re trying to eat. So, please ESPN save us from ourselves, don’t give us sports.

    3-D will have the same impact as the flat panel T.V. It will crack the door that will eventually be blown open by the person(s) that figures out how to master it. And ten years from now we’ll be on the next thing. I just hope we get those flying cars we were promised 15 years ago.

-Kortney Shane

Comedian (Maybe a writer)

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