Is Your Mother A Prostitute?

05 May

Let’s begin…

    “Is your mother a prostitute?” That question was asked during an NFL pre draft interview. During an interview between the Miami Dolphins and Wide Receiver Dez Bryant, that question was asked. Is your mother a prostitute? Man! I wonder how awkward the next 15 minutes of that interview were. I also wonder if he ever answered that question. Maybe the conversation went like this,

        “Is your mother a prostitute? Well is she? Tell me. Is your mother a prostitute? What…okay I promise I promise I won’t

tell your dad. Don’t lie to me either, because if she is that’s bad for business, and if she isn’t I need to put my belt

back on.”

I guess that it could be important to know. I mean if I had a buddy and his/her mother was a prostitute. It would change my behavior around him. I know one thing I wouldn’t do; I wouldn’t spend the night in that spare bedroom.

How the conversation went is still in question. Neither side has come out and stated the dialogue of the conversation, so I’m not going to speculate (please disregard the last paragraph). I do find the question to be funny, and that’s all I take from it. “Is your mother a prostitute?” That makes me laugh. I take nothing more or less from it. I’m not going to take sides, or try to take a stand in the gap for the Hoes of America. Plus Dez Bryant is now a millionaire. So even if his mother was a prostitute chances are she won’t be on HBO’s 2011 installment of “Hookers and Johns.”

    Let this just reinforce that whether your mother is a prostitute or not, there’s a job for you in the NFL.

-Kortney Shane

Comedian (Maybe a writer)


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