LeBron Had A Bad Game…I Think Not

12 May

Let’s begin…

Alright I had to do an emergency post. I hear fans saying LeBron had a bad game, and in his post game press conference he said, “I had a bad game.” Oh really, a bad game? I’ve seen players have a bad game, and usually a bad game involves someone shooting the ball. James was outscored by Shaquille O’Neil, and he’s 38 years old. Last time Shaq outplayed the best guard in the league he played in L.A., Jordan played for the Wizards, and people still believed Tracy McGrady could win a playoff game. So don’t give me the bad game line. Now I will say I’m a Cleveland fan. So that’s the disclaimer, and now I will continue.

Last night it was obvious that LeBron was trying to send a message. The message was, “This team can’t win.” And if you’ve been paying attention he’s been doing it since game two. Just pay attention. Game 1: Everyone played like they have been all season in the first half. LeBron differs in the third quarter and Mo Williams plays great. LeBron wins the game down the stretch. Game 2: He differs to his teammates during the first have, and begins to disengage. Late in the game he tries to win the game, Game 3: He Shreds the Celtics to show that he’s not the problem, Game 4: In the fourth quarter he differs, and in a late game crucial possession he passes to Anderson Varejao. Without saying it he exposes the fact that these guys can’t get it done, Game 5: Completely checks out in the first half. Only takes 4 shots in that time span. The team gets blown out, and he mails it in. So, guys just pay attention. We don’t need Matlock to figure out the mystery. He’s sending a message, and the message is I can’t win with this.

Now I don’t know what the result of the message may be. It looks like he will be leaving Cleveland. The NBA hopes he leaves for New York, while Cleveland fans hope he leaves for L.A. Why L.A.? They want him as far away as possible. Think about this. When your wife leaves you, do you want her to move across the street? Or do you want her to move out of the country? Of course you want her to move to Istanbul, and catch Gout on her way there. At the same time let me play devil’s advocate for all the Cleveland fans about to jump in traffic. I believe you send a message when you want a situation changed. If you wanted to leave your wife/husband, you would just go cheat on them and take half of their retirement. You wouldn’t stick around to watch them get ugly. So, if you believe that, maybe the Cavs go make moves this offseason. At the same time if you believe that you probably live in Cleveland. And Cleveland step back from the situation and look at the people that have left the city to be successful in bigger Arenas: Don King, George Steinbrenner, Manny Ramirez, C.C. Sabathia. The only great Entertainers to stay: Jim Brown and the O’Jays (Jim Brown didn’t have free agency). Now that’s the facts.

This will be continued…

-Kortney Shane

Comedian (Maybe a writer)


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