A Super Bowl in New York…When Hell Freezes Over!

30 May

Let’s begin…

The Super bowl will be played in New York. Let me clarify that. The Super bowl will be played in New Jersey, which is close in distance and at the same time not in the same hemisphere. If someone were to tell you they live in New York, and upon visiting them you ended up in Trenton. You may kill yourself. I think it’s funny that New York won’t claim Ney Jersey. The Giants and the Jets play in New Jersey, but they call themselves New York teams. The New Jersey Nets don’t even want to be in New Jersey, and they’re the worst team in the NBA. Only people claiming New Jersey is the Devils and Redman.

The bottom line is in 2014 a cold weather city will host the Super bowl. Personally I don’t really care. I wouldn’t go to the Super bowl if it were 2 blocks away. And if I were to go to a Super bowl, it wouldn’t be the one played in 20°. I’ve been in 20° weather, and I didn’t, have, fun! As a matter I tried not to smile, for the sake of not splitting my lip. The Super bowl is in Jersey for one reason. To make money, and they will make plenty. It will be the highest rated game of all time. Over half of the country will have the chance of seeing something they never get to experience…snow. If it snows during the Super bowl, everyone will watch. I know I will watch. I love entertaining television, and NFL has been the best T.V. show for the last 10 years.

So my advice to all is to just enjoy it. Don’t worry about the quality of the game, or if it’s fair. Who cares? “Well Kortney what about the players?” Hey I guarantee you they will get paid. Now if something happens to where Peyton manning doesn’t get his check…he has that Oreo Cookie money to fall back on.

-Kortney Shane

Comedian (Maybe a writer)

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