NBA Playoffs Review Part 2: Outhouse, Townhouse, and Penthouse

19 Jun

Let’s begin…

So let’s finalize the Outhouse, Townhouse, and Penthouse for the NBA playoffs. I’m not going to go through every player, because we already know where some players rank. For instance Vince Carter is in the crapper. That’s just were he does his best work.

The Outhouse

    Joe Johnson please make yourself at home, and leave space for Mike Beasley, and the Phoenix Suns’ defense.

    I want to put Mike Brown in the Outhouse, but I feel bad because he lost his job. “So Mike, why don’t you stand next to the Outhouse with a newspaper until the Raptors give you a call?”

    How about we put the NBA referees in the all at once, and make the listen to Rasheed Wallace explain why he’s never committed a foul.

    Last but not least Ron Artest must put his food coloring in the toilet. “Please Ron, don’t do that again.”

The Townhouse

    “Dwayne Wade grab the top bunk and let Dirk grab the bottom.”

    “Please welcome Amare Stoudemire and Steve Nash.”

    Why don’t we give LeBron James a cot in the back? That when it’ll be easy for him to slip out the back door on July 1st.

    Magic Johnson should be in the Out house for his commentary. I’ll upgrade him to the Townhouse based on his playing career. I swear he has yet to successfully break down a game, and watching him try makes my head hurt.

The Penthouse

    In the Penthouse we have a group of players, but they all have one thing in common. They’re all L.A. Lakers. When you win the NBA Championship you get the place all too yourself.

    Waiting outside the Penthouse is the Boston Celtics (without Nate Robinson).

-Kortney Shane

Comedian (Maybe a writer)

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