NBA Free Agency 2010; All About LeBron James Part 2

27 Jun

So this offseason is all about LeBron James. Where will he play? Maybe he’ll play with Dwayne Wade or Chris Bosh. Will he win a championship?

Well here are all the possible scenarios. There are only 3 teams that have a chance of employing LeBron next season, and 1 team with a delusional shot. Those teams are Miami, Chicago, Cleveland, and The Clippers respectively. Now he should find his way to Dallas, but that’s not going to happen. I will say that my thoughts and opinion changes almost daily on what he’ll do, so I’ll layout the 4 possible scenarios. If LeBron wants to win he’ll go to Miami. However, his stay in Miami will be short lived. Any Hall of Famer can win multiple championships with another hall of famer, just look at Bill Russell. The problem is the egos in Miami won’t be able to coexist, just ask Kobe and Shaq. I give that relationship 3 years, 5 max before LeBron leaves town. “They don’t make them like they did in the 60s.”

    If you want to challenge the legend go to Chicago. That’s the only reason to go there. There’s no need to put that kind of pressure on yourself if you don’t think you can surpass that legacy. Playing in Chicago is the ultimate challenge. Maybe LeBron is up to it?

    You go to the L.A. Clippers if winning is secondary to becoming a superstar. Yes the Clippers could win with LeBron, but that’s a slim chance. That franchise is historically bad, and the owner doesn’t want to spend money. I’m talking Carl Lewis singing the national anthem bad. If he does chose L.A. he’ll become a star win or lose. “LeBron if you want to be a billion dollar athlete go to the Clippers, just don’t get talked into making ‘Kazaam 2′”

    If you want the burden of saving a city, stay in Cleveland. Winning in Cleveland gives you the opportunity to be the greatest player ever, the highest paid player ever, and the most beloved athlete by his home town. Only other team that comes close to offering that is the Clippers. The problem there is the Clippers will never be the Lakers. Just like the Nets won’t be the Knicks, Mets won’t be the Yankees, and Soccer won’t be anything. You can’t be a number one when you play for a number 2. Now LeBron can have this kind of power if he wins in Cleveland. At the same time if he stays and loses? It’s Kevin Garnett all over again. Another player that could have been top 10 all time if he wouldn’t have let a max contract and loyalty get in the way. Losing in Cleveland is high devastating. It’s not like losing in Miami. You see when Dwayne Wade loses in the first round every year, a day later he has a smile in his face. If you lose in Cleveland you don’t get a back rub on the beach by a super model, you’re forced watch the Cleveland Indians in your basement while you cry during commercial breaks.

    Today I think LeBron takes the money and Celebrity status challenge. LeBron will wear number 6 and a Bulls logo on his chest.

What teams will be the big winners this offseason?

1st The Miami Heat with two guaranteed franchise players.

2nd Chicago with whatever piece they add.

3rd Cleveland they lose Shaq’s big contract and keep or lose LeBron. I smell cap room.

The only loser is the New York Knicks. “You gave away the last 2 season to pull of a sure fire miracle. Your problem was and still is Isaiah Thomas. New York you should always play to win now.”

-Kortney Shane

Comedian (Maybe a writer)

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