Brock Lesnar, UFC’s Mike Tyson?

06 Jul

Let’s begin…

Intimidating, controversial, dominating.

Who am I talking about?

I’m not sure. I thought that was Mike Tyson, but after UFC 116, you could argue those adjectives refer to Brock Lesnar. Lesnar is the most electrifying fighter that the UFC has ever seen. He can do what no other fighter can, drive paper view by himself. His appeal is reminiscent of Iron Mike Tyson, but is he UFC’s Mike Tyson? For the sake of the UFC I hope not. While Mike Tyson was great for boxing, because of fighters like him boxing is ruined. Mike Tyson was bigger than the sport of boxing. Usually that’s okay, especially when it comes to team sports. However, their must be some kind of governing body emplace in order to insure the health of the sport. That’s why Dana White is the most important person in the UFC. Dana has the ability to keep the likes of Brock Lesnar in check. E won’t allow someone to become bigger than UFC, or make a farce out of the sport. Why do you think Kimbo Slice is out of UFC? It isn’t because he wasn’t making money. Just youtube Kimbo, and watch the money he makes in someone’s backyard. Dana White could have made plenty of money off Kimbo Slice, but he knew Slice was bad for the sport. Besides that, Kimbo also couldn’t fight. Who’s paying $50 to what a fighter lose to someone half his size? But what happens when a must see fighter comes along that can fight. You know the guy I’m talking about, the guy that’s built like an oak tree with a left hook. What happens when you get a fighter like Brock Lesnar? The type of fighter that’s intimidating, controversial, and dominating?

Is Brock Lesnar, UFC’s Mike Tyson? I hope not, but if he is…long live Dana White.

-Kortney Shane

Comedian (Maybe a writer)

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