As The Redskins’ Haynesworth Saga Floats…

06 Aug

Haynesworth Has Yet to Pass Mike Shanahan's Conditioning Test

Let’s begin…

    As the Albert Haynesworth turns, it turns slowly, but it turns (It’s more of a drift than a turn really). I’m starting to get confused by the whole Albert Haynesworth saga. I thought we didn’t like Haynesworth. For you’ll that don’t know what’s going on, let me fill you in briefly. Albert Haynesworth plays for the Washington Redskins, and is the highest paid defensive player in the NFL. He was promised a bonus and the opportunity to play in a 4-3 defense. However, once the Redskins hired Mike Shanahan (over hyped head coach). He decided to change their base defense to a 3-4. Haynesworth expressed that he wouldn’t play in the 3-4, and after he received his bonus, he blew off voluntary offseason workouts (which are not really voluntary. It’s like your father asking you to volunteer to cut the grass). That upset the entire Redskins organization. Things however changed when he showed up to training camp 30 pounds lighter and ready to play. At least I think they were supposed to. I mean the fans liked it; the owner liked it, but Mike Shanahan, not so much. He was visibly upset with Haynesworth, and decided he wasn’t in the shape he should be. Shannon decided he had to pass a conditioning test, that consistent of two 300 yard shuttle sprints. What? I think I speak for the Redskins’ fans when I say, “Huh.” 300 yards is not a sprint, that’s suicide. Carl Lewis couldn’t sprint 300 yards. The dude is a 300 pound defensive lineman. What about nose tackle says sprint. At most they run 5 feet (one foot if Rob Johnson is playing quarterback). By the way if you’re wondering Haynesworth has failed to take and/or pass the test for the past week.

    That’s where we are now. Haynesworth has not yet passed the conditioning test, and Shanahan is not loosening his demands. At first everyone thought it was great, “Shanahan is putting his foot down. He’s demand respect from the best player on the team.” However, lately things are changing. The object of football is to win games. Albert is the best defensive player on the team. He needs to be on the field for this team to be competitive. So, for Mike Shanahan to continue to demand a conditioning test, that not Germane to his position is ridiculous. While Haynesworth looked like the bad guy a month ago, Shanahan is starting to shift public perception. If I could talk to Mike Shannon I would say, “Have you not been paying attention this offseason. Dan Gilbert created the blueprint on what not to do, when a player does you wrong. If you don’t want him to play for you get rid of him. Stop with all the conditioning drills, because you’re turning your team into a circus. You are creating what all coaches say they hate, “A Distraction.”

-Kortney Shane

Comedian (Maybe a writer)

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