Kanye West, at the VMAs…I Thought They Didn’t Like Him.

11 Aug

Let’s begin…

    MTV has asked Kanye West to come back to their awards show, after a controversial event. This contradicts the statement they released following his last outburst. Where they said, said he wouldn’t be welcome. Please stop me when this sounds familiar.

    I would say I told you so, but I didn’t get to talk to everyone individually. However, to everyone I did talk to, “I told you so.” Following the Taylor Swift incident, everyone had the same reaction. “I can’t believe he did that.” “He just ruined his career.” “He will never be allowed at an MTV award show.” I didn’t understand this reaction, because this it what Kanye does. Every time he’s on the screen it’s must what T.V. Even though you’re not sure what he will do, you know he will do something. This is great for MTV. It’s like a drug attic getting sponsored by smack. MTV is not in the business of morality, there in the business of ratings. So, if Kanye West drew eyeballs to MTV, why wouldn’t they invite him back? They would actually be dumb if they didn’t. Lets be honest, who over the age of twelve is watching an MTV award show on purpose? There trophy is a man on a moon wrapped in Aluminum foil. Oh and the movie award is a golden cup of popcorn. Even 1980s rappers think that looks tacky.

    So how do you get people that matter to watch your show? Create controversy. Use the model that reality shows use. Go pay a Snookie, a Situation, or Paula Abdul, give them drinks, and watch your ratings. Do you think I watch the bad girls club, because of their aesthetic approach? No, I want to see someone wake up at 4pm, throw back a couple whiskey sours, and figure out who they will fight that day. If I was MTV, I would sit Kanye next to Taylor Swift. I would ask them if they would perform, “Ebony and Ivory.” I would say, “Hey Taylor, you’re just as irrelevant as your career. What do you say we do that whole acceptance speech thing again? He’ll cut you off; you’ll look like an idiot. Then we can put it on the front page of, like we did last year. What do you think Taylor? …you don’t want to do it…well call Carrie Underwood and ask her if she’s game.”

-Kortney Shane

Comedian (And a writer)

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