“Hey Reggie Bush, god Wants His Heisman Back!”

08 Sep

Reggie Bush Will Always Be A Heisman Winner

Let’s begin…

    So, incase you haven’t heard College Athletes get paid all the time. Sorry to break the news so casually, but that’s the deal. The problem is that college athletes being compensated, violates NCAA rules. That means no cash compensation, no items given to an athlete (cars, houses, trips, jobs, etc.), no drinks on the house, no strippers on credit; basically no fun with out the NCAA sending the fun through an Iraq like airport check. The latest high profile athlete to be found guilty of violating the rules is Reggie Bush. Now to be fair Bush probably violated every rule2-3 times a week, so everyone knew. Except for the NCAA, who actually want you to believe that it took 5 years of investigation to figure out, the best football player in L.A was getting paid. (By the way, 5 years is way too long to investigate anything, unless you’re looking for Bin Laden, because we’re getting really close to finding that guy). Note to the world: Great people in any field get compensated, immediately.

    Consequently the NCAA punished UCS (the school Reggie Bush attended) by stripping them of wins, and future scholarships. I had no problem with that, because there should be some type of punishment. However, a report surfaced today that the Heisman trophy may be stripped from USC, because he was ineligible for the season he won the award. What? The association that rewards the Heisman has nothing to do with the NCAA. It seems like they’re trying to argue that Reggie Bush was ineligible, so technically he didn’t exists that year. The problem is, he did exist. I watched Reggie Bush shred college teams throughout his career. Bush was the one of the 2 best college football athletes (the other is Michael Vick) in the last 25 years. So, how can you try to erase that from my memory? Why don’t you just reward the best player on the field that year? Think about this. Let’s say you steal a car to go to work, and for 5 years no one finds out. During those 5 years you’re employee of the month for the entire 5 years. You get arrested during the 6th year at Wal-Mart right before you clock in. Now let me ask you. When you go to jail for stealing that car, should they also take away your employee of the month plaques? Yeah, I don’t think they should take them back either.

-Kortney Shane

Comedian (Maybe a writer)


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