I Thought We Decided LeBron James Was A Douche?

24 Sep


Black America Defends LeBron James?

Let’s begin…

    Umm…did I miss something? Someone in America is defending LeBron James? After the decision I thought everyone agreed he was a Douche. I didn’t know that we had a revote. If the polls are still open, please put me down for ‘still a Douche.”

    There was an article written on, and it focused on how “Black America” is defending LeBron James.

    On a side note I always cringe when I see or hear the term, Black America. That term infers that a group of people agree on thoughts, feelings, and reaction. I hate to break it to the developer of Black America but those people don’t exist. My family is black and we agree on about 2 things. And if we did have the opportunity to agree, we wouldn’t waist our time with LeBron James.

I don’t feel bad for LeBron James. I don’t even channel energy in the direction of James. As a matter fact I haven’t heard anyone (who wasn’t emotional invested in sports) say anything about LeBron. No one outside of Ohio and Florida even cares. This isn’t the O.J case. This is a man with a huge ego that decided to tell the world, he was taking his talents to South Beach. So let’s keep this in perspective.

    My interest was originally sparked in the subject while I was watching ESPN: First Take. They were arguing about this topic. Someone was pro black America people group and someone was passive aggressively against it (that’s just how T.V. works). Jemele Hill (who I like like), said she’s heard black people say, the burning of LeBron’ jersey remind them of the KKK. Really….the KKK? When I saw them burning his jersey I thought. “What is a grown man doing with a jersey? That guy is a dope.” Sports starts change every five years for the most part.

    Sports stars change every five years for the most part. So let’s just ride out this whole South Beach, I’m not a leader, I’m egotistic, and hopefully I can win a championship era.

-Kortney Shane

Comedian (Maybe a writer)


Posted by on September 24, 2010 in Basketball, Sports


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2 responses to “I Thought We Decided LeBron James Was A Douche?

  1. eurybe08

    September 25, 2010 at 12:31 pm

    Up until now I guess CAVS fans and other upset people haven’t gotten over his decision. I think it’s time we all moved on.


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