How The Jersey Shore Saved The Summer

02 Nov

The Jersey Shore Didn't Disappoint

Let’s begin…

Did Jersey Shore do its job or did Jersey Shore do its job. I love sports which is the reason I struggle to find anything worth watching on TV during the summer, because baseball is the only thing on T.V. There is nothing I want to see less than regular season baseball (actually I would watch baseball over that Frank Caliendo Show. That thing was garbage (pronounced gar-bah-gg)).

So I was leaning on Snookie and the gang (gang?…why’d I say that) to get me through the summer, and they came through. Every episode of season 2 of Jersey Shore was great. They should get the MVP for compelling Television. The show has everything you want: men working too hard to impress women, women that don’t care about image, steroids, breast implants, transvestites, and tee-shirt time. If I was ask to script a more exciting show. I’d ask Pauly D to direct it.


  • Everyone on this show now understands they are actors. It’s no longer a reality show. This is a sitcom. The Situation is as much of a character as Charlie Sheen on Two and A Half Men, and maybe real like.
  • Ronnie and Sammie Sweetheart are a great couple for T.V. They never disappoint to entertain you with everything you don’t want in a spouse. They have a future in entertainment as long as Ronnie takes it easy on the juice.
  • If you’re not The Situation, Ronnie, or Sammie save you money. Your chance in entertainment is about as P. Diddy making a band that works out.


This show has possibly one more season before it falls flat. I just hope they air it next summer.

-Kortney Shane

Comedian and Writer

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