The 2011 Grammy Awards According To The Truth

13 Feb

Let’s begin…

    So the Grammy Awards are tonight, and under normal conditions I would be happy. However this year’s lineup is terrible. Both the award nominations and performances this year are underwhelming. It has been reported that Dr. Dre will be performing. Really? Now I love the Doctor just as much as the next guy that grew up in the suburbs. I would just rather remember him as the guy with the Jerry Curl that didn’t like the police. I don’t want see Dre at 46 wearing skinny and a Kangol, trying to reinforce his gangster. Speaking of Dr. Dre…can we please stop with the Eminem charade, because it’s starting to get sad? There is no way “Recovery” should be nominated for Album of the year. Now I understand that they want a representative from Hip Hop in the Album of the year category. I just think that nomination should have gone to Jay-Z for “The Blueprint 3.”

    I will concede that there weren’t a lot of great albums that came out, but do you think that’s going to stop me from creating a list of this year’s must have music (the answer is absolutely not in case you didn’t catch my self-importance).

These are the top albums this year in no particular order (I don’t highlight singles, because I think they can be a misrepresentation of what an album truly is).

Sir Lucious Left Foot…The Son of Chico Dusty

Big Boi

This album reminds me of all the reasons why I’m still pissed off that OutKast broke up. Big Boi brings his regular style



How I Got Over

The Roots 

I’m a big fan of the Roots, so my opinion can be considered bias. However, I don’t know how anyone could argue with the merit of this album. One would think that the quality of their work would slip, because of their job as a house band for Jimmy Fallon, but this isn’t the case.



The Blueprint 3


This is just another notch in Jay-Z’s belt. At this point his career is unexplainable. Dude is still getting better. At this pace I’m expecting at least two more retirements, and timeless classics.



Need You Now        


Lady Antebellum

It may surprise you that I have this on my list, but I have to respect the game. Not only is this album in my library, but it’s in rotation.



Thank Me Later


As much as it pains me say, this album is hot. I have this bet with my brother that Drake is all hype, and my bet isn’t looking good (We also have a side bet with Lady GaGa that still have a lot of faith in). I don’t know what he’s doing, but dude is delivering the mail.


Battle Studies

John Mayer

I totally understand why some people can’t stand this guy’s music. At times I even agree. This is not the case with this album. I believe it’s his most versatile album to date.

Hope you enjoyed my show.

-Kortney Shane Williams

Comedian and Writer

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