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Kortney Shane’s College Football 2010 Season Review “Thank You Cam Newton!”

Cameron And Cecil Newton Got Paid?

Let’s begin…

My take away from this season is one thing, Cam Newton. There are other stories that I will talk about, but Newton is the main event. So let me get the undercards out of the way.

The most surprising story this year is the Texas Longhorns. Now I know they lost Colt McCoy (McCoy was their quarterback for the previous 4 years and currently holds the records for most career wins in college football. He now plays for the Cleveland Browns which I think is the highlight of his career), but you’re Texas. You’re supposed to get quarterbacks like Bill Cosby gets Jell-O pudding, “very easily.” Texas has decided to fire their offensive coordinator which is a bit of a knee jerk, but after this kind of season someone has to go. They’ll be better next year…I think so.

The most overrated portion of College Football is the Pac-10. Now before I rip the Pac-10 allow me to say I love the west coast. As a matter of fact I live in Seattle. I think there are serviceable football teams in this time zone, and some excellent quarterbacks. However this is not a great place for football. Between Google, lattes, and tree hugging there is no emotion left for sports. So to compare the Pac-10 to the SEC is about as smart as Jake Locker coming back to school another year (Even Lindsay Lohan thinks that was a bad decision). If you give the Pac-10 time and patience, they will come through below the big boys every time.

Over the last year and two months Urban has conducted a clinic on how to quit a job after success. If you didn’t attend the clinic, shame on you because it was open to the public. After two titles and Tim Tebow, Meyer saw that he was at the top of the heap. Actually it wasn’t a heap. It was more like a cliff, with mediocrity and irrelevance at the bottom. So, what does Urban do? He toys publicly with the idea of retiring (because he knew it was going to be tough to stay on top), and eventually ends up coming back for another year. Now he decides walks away after taking half a step off that cliff (He probably saw a lot of jagged rocks and Nick Saban laughing at him).

Urban Meyer said he retired from the Florida Gators to be with his family. Coaching at a high level is time consuming and unhealthy. Only thing that makes coaching worse is losing. I think it’s odd when people want to spend more time with their family as soon as their ship starts sinking. I’m not going to say he is lying. I will say he hasn’t coached his last game. “Urban thanks for showing the public how to get out. Now get in there and coach the Denver Broncos.”

Finally we arrive, Cam Newton!

First let’s get something straight. Cameron Newton got paid to play college football…now let’s move on.

For the last year I’ve been trying to think of a way to pay college players without creating a competitive advantage for NCAA teams (if you have any suggestions email me). Amidst my struggle, here come Cam Newton and his pops. Until I figure that out I want to formally adopt Cecil Newton’s (Cam’s father (I like to call him Don King Jr)) pay for play scheme. So, until I figure out a solution, “Parents are the only people allowed to negotiate contracts for college athletes. It’s only right that kids get paid. Now excuse me…I have to figure out how to keep Boise State out of the BCS.”

Cameron Newton has game. Anyone would like to have a player like him on their team. I watched this guy week after week trying to find the flaws in his game, and every week I ended up disappointed. I would mumble under my breath, “There’s no way a guy could win with a team that bad. His coach is Gene Chizik for goodness sake. Prior to this year his record was 13-24.”

I am skeptical about how much he will win as an NFL quarterback, because the guy has a lot of LeBron James in him (You win big individually but you can never quite get over the hump and win championships at the highest level). During an interview he uttered the phrase, “…I also told him. I was going to take my talents to Auburn.” That phrase should be on the ban list in the “Good P.R. Handbook.” Stop with the “taking of talents.” Especially is you’ve already stole a laptop, cheated on a test, and lied to the NCAA. How about you take the money from Auburn and go to the NFL.

The college football season was good. I could have done without all the Pac-10 breakdowns and BCS debate shows. The only thing that pisses me off more than the BCS, is people that debate it at nauseam. We all get it the BCS stinks, but it’s not going away. Treat the BCS like a spouse that you owe a lifetime of alimony. The only way to stop it is to kill it. So let’s be quiet until it dies.

-Kortney Shane

Comedian and Writer

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Bill Cosby at Benaroya Hall

Let’s begin…

So, I had to write a blog about this. I’m not sure if it will be funny, and you know what, it doesn’t even matter.

Last night I got to witness a master at work. I saw Dr. Bill Cosby put on a show last night at Benaroya Hall in Seattle. It was the best show I’ve ever been to. For starters he came out, sat down in a chair, and never left his seat until he walked off the stage. Now when I tell you he filled the space in the hall. I mean he filled the space. Mr. Cosby performed for over 2 hours. No intermission. No opening act. No band, just Bill Cosby delivering a show. The show didn’t have the effect on me that I thought it would. I thought the show would inspire me as a comedian. However that didn’t happen. I came out feeling the same way I walked in. I did take two things from the show, and neither one of them had to do with comedy. The first thing that stuck out was the relationship Cosby had with the audience. The people really loved this guy. The connection was more intimate. I watch this guy and not once did I here a comedian. I heard my grandmother, my father, and my brother. The second thing I took from the show was his patience. He never rushed into or out of a joke. He made sure his wording was right, even if he had to go back and correct himself. He was so relaxed. He did stories that were extremely long, but you never felt there wasn’t something being accomplished with every word he said. It was the most impressive thing I’ve ever seen.

    Dr. William Cosby is the greatest comedian ever. I know everyone believes Richard Pryor is the greatest and he great. However, let me entertain you with a basketball analogy. Richard Pryor is Michael Jordan in comedy. He completely changed the game, and everyone is chasing him. Bill Cosby is Bill Russell. He has more championships than anyone, and he will probably never be surpassed. You can chase, but you will be lucky to get close.

Last night I got to watch the greatest comedian ever for over 2 hours. No intermission. No opening act. No band.

-Kortney Shane

Comedian (Maybe a writer)

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