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The 2011 NBA Playoffs: Eastern Conference Round 2

Let’s begin…

The Chicago Bulls vs. The Atlanta Hawks.

After struggled to dominate games in the first round, there is reason to believe that they could struggle this round. This may seem like blasphemy, but Derrick Rose is not the second coming. That right I said it. In the playoffs you can’t win with a small guard being your leading scorer. There is only 1 small guard to lead their team to a championship, and his name is Isiah Thomas. By the way Thomas would wipe the floor with Rose. Dude isn’t in his league (Another notable small guard to lead his team to the finals is Allen Iverson, and he would wipe the floor with Rose too). With that being said, this isn’t the championship. This is the second round against the Atlanta Hawks.

When looking at the Atlanta Hawks you have to like some of their matchups. In their starting lineup they have the advantage at 3 and maybe even 4 of the five positions. Chicago will not be able to match their interior toughness. With the combination of Zaza Pachulia and Al Horford will overwhelm Boozer (which is nothing new, just take a look at the last series). Henceforth the Bulls will not be able to rely on post scoring. I also think the Joe Johnson vs. Luol Deng matchup could be interesting. Johnson has all the tools to exploit Deng, but he is Joe Johnson. So who knows?

I think the Hawks would be a no brainer to win this series. The problem is Atlanta is the most unreliable team in the playoffs. The Chicago will breeze through this series in rout to the Conference Finals. Derrick Rose and the Bulls live to fight another day.

Chicago wins 4 – 1

The Miami Heat vs. The Boston Celtics

YES YES YES, finally it’s on. The basketball community has been waiting on this since LeBron announced his decision to take his talents. Will LeBron quit once again during game 5 (You know Delonte West will be in the building and Gloria James will be drinking)? I don’t know, but we will all be witnesses.

This is the marquee series in the second round of the eastern conference, and maybe even the entire league. You obvious have headliners in LeBron James, D Wade, and Paul Pierce. However you also have the underlying story line of “The Traditional Team” vs. “We Put This Thing Together Ourselves Now Stop Us.” Let’s get into it.

The Miami Heat have been a work in progress for the entire season. Personally I’m shocked, not because of the amount of wins and losses. I just thought that the flow of their team on both ends of the floor would be more fluent by this point. The have had an unspeakably tough time integrating role players with their superstars. Who would have thought Mike Miller would be an afterthought, while Mike Bibby was in the starting lineup. With that being said the Miami Heat are the most talented team in the playoffs. You could argue that at any time against any team in the league they have the two best players on the floor. I don’t not sure how that will transfer to their series to Boston, but it gives them a great chance.

The Boston Celtics are an interesting this basketball team. Part of me is not sure how to access their chances, because of the amount of players with no significant playoff appearance. On the other hand these are the Celtics. They have championship medal. We aren’t talking about chopped liver (chopped liver? How old am I?). This is Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Ray Allen.

Boston has a huge advantage at point guard. As a matter fact I would argue that he is the most important person player in this series for the Celtics. Rajon Rondo has a significant advantage against every point guard on the Heat’s roster (unless 1999 Tim Hardaway is walking through that door “Shout Out To Run TMC”). If Rondo can exploit the Heat he way he has exploited playoff teams in the past, this series won’t be close.

If you pair Rondo with Boston’s inside play creates a problem that Miami won’t be able to solve in a best of 7 series.

Boston wins 4 – 2

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-Kortney Shane Williams

Comedian and Writer

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Uconn Will Beat Butler, and Win The Championship?

Wich Coach Will Gain The Upper Hand?

Let’s begin…

    So I think there’s a national championship game tonight/today/yesterday, depending on what time you read this. It could have easily gone over your head because no one is really talking about it. This may be because; the Butler Bulldogs are playing in it for the second year in a row. Only this time they should be the odds on favorite to win.

The NCAA Tournament this year is a perfect snapshot of what happens when you make NBA players go to college for a year. When the one and done rule was put into place, most people thought it was going to help the elite programs. However, it helped lower profile teams compete with elite teams. While you have traditional powerhouses like UConn and Kentucky doing well you also have schools like Butler and VCU representing the underdog (Word to the wise. When you make people do something they don’t want to do, they tend to underachieve). So now we have Butler in the national championship game for the second year in a row, consecutively. Before the one in done rule, the bulldogs would have never had a chance to get to the championship game. Why? Well they wouldn’t have been able to recruit the enough talent.

Prior to the one in done rule, elite programs recruited the caliber of players that now attend mid majors, and mid-major programs recruited D-III players that had a very limited chance of competing on a big time level. What this has shown us is when all things are equal; every school is capable of being competitive. Now I don’t say that to diminish Butler in any way. They are a good basketball team with a great coach…let me clarify that. Their couch is a beast. I’m talking Tom Izzo level beast. So, props to Butler. With that being said, I wouldn’t be surprised to see another mid major team in the National Championship next year. As I stated before the system is set up for all teams to be competitive. The downside to this scenario is that every University believes they are entitled to a winning program. There is no excuse for not having a competitive program. I don’t care where you are, or what conference you’re in. You need to be competitive, and if you’re not, the school is justified in firing you. (Full disclaimer I went to USF, and I may or not be inebriated and pissed off right now).

Now let’s talk National title game.

Usually I would give you some kind of prediction or analyst, but I have no clue what’s going to happen. I’ve been wrong since this tournament started, so I not going to try to save this boat now. I’m sinking with the rest of the people on board. I’m like the band on the Titanic. I’m playing while the ship is going down (except my band is playing “Get Money” by The Notorious B.I.G). With that being said…The Butler Bulldogs and Brad Stevens are going to win the National Championship.

I never thought I would utter that last sentence, but I think Butler is going to win. They have the best team. Connecticut has had a great run, and they have over achieved. However, it’s reality check time. The Huskies have yet to play a team that haven’t beaten themselves. When UConn meats Butler on Monday night they will find themselves in a struggle with a team that plays smart. I don’t think Connecticut has the talent to compensate for their lack of basketball I.Q., and it will catch up with them.

Butler is going to win the National Championship…I can’t believe I just said that.

-Kortney Shane Williams

Comedian and Writer


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What No One Is Saying About The Cleveland Cavaliers 25 Game Losing Streak

There Is Nothing But Frustration In Cleveland

Let’s begin…

Now that the Cavaliers have set the record for longest losing streak in NBA history, I think it’s the perfect time to weigh in with some perspective (I didn’t want to talk about it before it happened, because I didn’t want to jinx the streak). For everyone that couldn’t understand why people in Cleveland were crying and burning LeBron‘s jersey after the decision…do you understand now? With that being said, don’t be fooled by what you hear. People talk about how the impact of LeBron is the reason why Cavaliers are losing, and that’s just not completely true. No player in the history of organized basketball is worth 60 wins. It’s easy to dismiss the Cleveland Cavaliers as a team that can’t win without their star player, but let’s examine the whole story.

The Cavs lost the best player in the NBA during free agency. I’m not going to argue that. As a matter of fact I think LeBron should get another MVP this year just for carrying that team for the last 7 years. What many people don’t talk about is that they also lost Delonte West, Zydrunas Ilgauskas, and Shaquille O’Neal during free agency (What? Did I really just throw Zydrunas Ilgauskas in there as a loss? We may disagree with on Ilgauskas, but I think we can all agree that Delonte’s guns will never be replaced). Couple that with injuries to Mo Williams and Anderson Varejao, and you have a team that could lose 25 games in a row. There is only one player currently playing for the Cavaliers that was a starter for the opening game of the 2009 – 2010 season. So it’s just lazy to say LeBron James is main reason why the Cavs are losing.

What’s happening to the Cleveland Cavaliers is extraordinary. I’ve never seen anything like this before. I have absolutely no faith in their ability to win. I would rather bet on a 6 year soccer team, before I bet the Cavs to cover in a parlay. At the same time if you know anything about the Cavaliers this shouldn’t be shocking (that was a dumb statement by me. I don’t know why the average person would know anything about the Cavs. There people in jail that have better things to do). The good thing is I’m a Cleveland fan, so I will break it down for you (Oh it just keeps getting better).

The Cavaliers struggled throughout the early 80s until they landed Brad Daugherty, Mark Price, Ron Harper and Larry Nance in 1986. The Cavs would be competitive for the next 6 years, and even reach the Eastern Conference Finals. When Cleveland’s core begin to age and retire the Cavs started to struggle again. From 1993 – 2003 they would wallow in mediocrity and never win a playoff series. In 2003 Cleveland drafted LeBron James, and we all know what happened after that. The Cavs would become one of the marquee teams in the NBA, and perennial title contender. After a one championship appearance and a decision, the Cavs were broken up. Now the Cavs are in there traditional low period, but how long will it last (This is where I come in. Watch me save the day)?

The Cavs need to finish what the “The Decision” started, and exile the rest of their core to South Beach. Everything incorporated with the LeBron James era needs to be severed, in order to create a new identity. They can start by either trading or buying out Anderson Varejao, Daniel Gibson, and maybe even Mo Williams. I say maybe Mo because he was not a part of Cleveland teams that had playoff success. I also think he would be an asset worth keeping if the Cavs can rebuild fast enough. They also need to sever ties with Anthony Parker and Antawn Jamison. They can wait on Parker, but I think they should trade Jamison now. Dude has about 4 days of Cavalier basketball left in him. I think they could do him and themselves a favor if they let him go. That would leave the Cleveland Cavaliers with a core of J.J. Hickson and Mo Williams. If they couple that with their lottery pick and trade acquisitions, the Cavaliers could be back in the playoffs in 2 years. Will they be title contenders in 6 years? I don’t know. What I do know is they won’t be losing 25 games in a row.

-Kortney Shane Williams

Comedian and Writer


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A Super Bowl in New York…When Hell Freezes Over!

Let’s begin…

The Super bowl will be played in New York. Let me clarify that. The Super bowl will be played in New Jersey, which is close in distance and at the same time not in the same hemisphere. If someone were to tell you they live in New York, and upon visiting them you ended up in Trenton. You may kill yourself. I think it’s funny that New York won’t claim Ney Jersey. The Giants and the Jets play in New Jersey, but they call themselves New York teams. The New Jersey Nets don’t even want to be in New Jersey, and they’re the worst team in the NBA. Only people claiming New Jersey is the Devils and Redman.

The bottom line is in 2014 a cold weather city will host the Super bowl. Personally I don’t really care. I wouldn’t go to the Super bowl if it were 2 blocks away. And if I were to go to a Super bowl, it wouldn’t be the one played in 20°. I’ve been in 20° weather, and I didn’t, have, fun! As a matter I tried not to smile, for the sake of not splitting my lip. The Super bowl is in Jersey for one reason. To make money, and they will make plenty. It will be the highest rated game of all time. Over half of the country will have the chance of seeing something they never get to experience…snow. If it snows during the Super bowl, everyone will watch. I know I will watch. I love entertaining television, and NFL has been the best T.V. show for the last 10 years.

So my advice to all is to just enjoy it. Don’t worry about the quality of the game, or if it’s fair. Who cares? “Well Kortney what about the players?” Hey I guarantee you they will get paid. Now if something happens to where Peyton manning doesn’t get his check…he has that Oreo Cookie money to fall back on.

-Kortney Shane

Comedian (Maybe a writer)

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