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Did The Sweater Vest Fool You?? Yes Jim Tressel Plays The Game Too.

Let’s begin…

    First off, I think Jim Tressel knew that his players broke the rules, and I think he lied hoping that the issue would go away. Once the issue came to light he owned up to what he did, because he had nowhere else to turn. With that being said, is anyone surprised? This is college sports. It’s a system based off the exploitation of individuals that are denied the opportunity to profit off of their skills (If I read that too you and asked you to guess the profession. You would probably say black market prostitution or AAU basketball). Big time college sports are dirty, and when you’re in a dirty industry it’s hard to be clean while being successful. Just ask Randy Shannon of the University of Miami what a clean program gets you (Gets you fired in case you’re wondering).

Ohio State publicly reprimanded Jim Tressel yesterday in a press conference. They suspended him for 2 games and docked him $250,000. Now I think this is hypocritical. Look no further than the players that he covered up for. They got a five game suspension, and Tressel only got two? At the same time isn’t it also hypocritical that Terrell Pryor and the tattoo five got to play? Was it hypocritical that Cam Newton got to play last season? And while we’re at it lets sprinkle a little Reggie Bush scandal in here? The entire scope of college sports is hypocritical. So, can we please stop the farce that is, “College Student Athletes” and start paying the players.

There is too much money involved college sports to call it amateur athletics. Even Don King thinks college sports are immoral. There needs to be a union to represent the players. I propose the idea of giving players the option of a scholarship or cash (I’m talking straight cash homie). The amount of money would be collectively bargained through the union. If players opt for the cash, then they would forfeit the right to all amenities normally supplied by the university including tuition, books, and housing (I’m talking about being an adult homie).

Until changes are made these are the rules. Jim Tressel violated the rules, and should be punished. You can suspend him and his sweater vest for the entire season, but it’s not going to fix the problem. You have to end this idea of amateur athletics, and start compensating players. Now excuse me I have to wire some money to Thad Matta.


-Kortney Shane Williams

Comedian and Writer


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Kortney Shane’s College Football Preview: Week 7


This Weekend Will Feature a Battle Camp Randall Stadium


Let’s begin…

    The story of the weekend was South Carolina beating Alabama. I watch the game, and for the first time I knew Alabama wasn’t going to be able to come back in the fourth quarter. I could just tell by the way The Gamecocks stopped the run. Steve Spurrier decided to make Greg McElroy try to beat them, and he couldn’t do it. I’m not going to say McElroy is not a big game guy. I just think he was put in an unfamiliar position, and couldn’t figure out what to do. South Carolina played a perfect game, and Spurrier had a flawless game plan. I have to give South Carolina an A+. With that being said, Alabama is still the best team in the country. Don’t forget they played Arkansas, Florida, and South Carolina in succession. Those coaches have 3 combined national titles, and 4 years of NFL head coaching experience. For Alabama to come through unscathed is asking a lot.

    The other story that surfaced Sunday was the idea that Boise State would play in the national championship if the season ended today. Not only would The Broncos play in the National title game, but top ranked Ohio State would be #5 in the BCS. “You know what though…the season doesn’t end today.” If the season would have ended last week, Denard Robinson would have won the Heisman trophy. So, I’m not entertaining these hypotheticals where you eliminate half of the regular season.

    This week we’re going to Madison Wisconsin, where the Ohio State Buckeyes will take on the Wisconsin Badgers. This will be the first test for Ohio State.


    I think everyone would agree that Ohio State is the better team. So, I’m not going to insult your intelligence with comparing rosters or coaches. The best team however doesn’t always win. If that were true Alabama would have won last week.

    I think the running game of Wisconsin could create problems, but the Bucks defend the run well. I think the Badgers passing offense is subpar, so I don’t see them gaining an advantage there. I think Wisconsin has to find a way to out scheme the Buckeyes. If the can gain a mental edge over Ohio State they will win Saturday. Ohio State’s weakness is in between their ears. It’s been that way ever since they lost to Florida in the National Championship. The Badgers must stay two steps ahead of Ohio State. I don’t think they can do it. I have to go with Ohio State in this game, because they have the best game planner in Jim Tressel.

Ohio State wins, 33 – 17

-Kortney Shane

Comedian (Maybe a writer)


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Kortney Shane’s College Football Preview: Week 2

The Game of The Week Will Be in The Horseshoe

Let’s begin…


    “Boise State and their Cinderella story lives to fight another day.” What? I saw the game on Monday night. I had some food to eat, I had some drinks, so I could have been a little sleepy, but I didn’t see a Cinderella team on the field. They were wearing those weird Cinderella like uniforms, but you can’t let that throw you off. A Cinderella doesn’t go undefeated for 2 years, and win an opening day road game in front of 90,000 people. What I saw Monday night was a BCS contender. Now I did pick Virginia Tech to win the game, but I was wrong. Boise State is a better team than Virginia Tech, and they proved that in D.C. on Monday night.

    I was also somewhat impressed by Notre Dame. I don’t know if I was impressed as much as I was surprised. They had an offensive game plan. I haven’t seen them have a game plan for 4 years. Good for Notre Dame. Hopefully the next time I’m surprised it’s because you beat a team that was actually good.


    So this week in college football there are great power teams in action. You have Michigan v. Notre Dame. That game has some baggage attached to it. If Michigan can win that game Rich Rodriguez will probably keep his job. At the same time, if Notre Dame wins Brian Kelly might get a lifetime contract. By the way where is Michigan’s quarterback from? Dude doesn’t tie his shoes. He’s probably from some place where they chase rabbits for fun. Penn Sate v Alabama could be an upset, however it’s more likely to be a massacre. My game of the week is Miami v. Ohio State.


    Someone is going to pass a test this week. Will Ohio State step up, and prove they have a big game team after recent years of disappointment. Will Miami’s young talented team pull an upset, and propel themselves into National title contention. For Ohio State this game comes down to expectations. “Can you live up to being a favorite?” The Buckeyes have better players in every position, a better coach, and home field advantage. For Miami you have to have composer in a hostile environment. The Hurricanes need to play out of their minds. They can’t get caught up in everything surround the game. They must run the ball, and focus on getting first downs. However that mind friend, will not happen. Miami is young, inexperienced, and they’re going to “The Horseshoe.” That’s a bad combination. You may be “The U” but you won’t beat “The” Ohio State University.

Ohio State wins, 31 -17.

-Kortney Shane

Comedian (Maybe a writer)


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