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NBA Questions…What Are The Miami Heat?

What Are The Heat?

Let’s begin…

    The NBA season is over half way over, and I still have many unanswered questions. Personally I think I have too many unanswered question (did I just write that? I didn’t need to say that twice. I’m a dope).

  • What’s going on with the Miami Heat? It was great watching them lose at the beginning of the season, but now it’s becoming disturbing. Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t this team supposed to good? I think they were. At least that’s what LeBron told us after the decision when the “Big Hype” stepped through the smoke, like the 87′ Miami Hurricanes. You remember the unveiling when LeBron counted off the Championships, “Not 1, Not 2, Not 3…” Then again maybe he was counting off the number of terrible late game possessions.

    By this time shouldn’t we know what the Miami Heat are? I can’t figure out is their finesse or tough. During close games I don’t even know if their alive. The Heat have time left to address their problems, but it’s getting dangerously close to their carriage turning into a pumpkin. Then again they did sign Mike Bibby, so everything will be alright.


  • Since Carmelo Anthony was traded to the New York Knicks, the Denver Nuggets are 5-1. So, is Anthony really that valuable? Now I’m not going to argue that the Nuggets are better without Carmelo Anthony, but I don’t believe they lost anything. With Carmelo the Nuggets had only advanced in the playoff one year out of seven. Call me optimistic, but I believe the Denver could do that without him.


  • Is it possible to hold off on nominating Danny Ainge as the King of Basketball? Before Kevin Garnett was gift wrapped to the Celtics, like a tennis bracelet from Jared, Ainge was known as an unsuccessful GM that was on the hot seat. Now four years since the trade the Celtics want you to believe that Danny Ainge has Nostradamus like powers. Now if Kendrick Perkins breaks down, and Jeff Green turns into Scottie Pippen, they would be right. However, there is a better chance that the Celtics capitalized on a small window with aging superstars, and they won’t be able to duplicate in the future. This has happened before, and at that time we overreacted the same way. “Danny Ainge, meet Joe Dumars.”


  • Can someone tell me how the San Antonio Spurs keep doing this? Their like a super hero that won’t die. I thought their window was close 3 years ago. There must be something in San Antonio’s water. How else could you explain the fact that their starting center is playing without ACLs. I demand a Federal Grand Jury investigation (Barry Bonds style).

    If the Spurs advance deep into the playoffs, it’s only right that Tony Parker be court mandated to repair his relationship with Eva Longoria. “Come on Tony please do it for the kids!” (Trick love the kids).

  • Is it hypocritical for small market teams like Indiana, Cleveland, and Sacramento to complain about the structure of the NBA? They weren’t complaining when they were the perennial Championship contenders, and Miami, New York, and Boston were at the bottom of the league. This is the way the system works. The only city that should be pissed off is Seattle. Not only did they lose a team that is now a championship contender, but they don’t have a chance of getting another one in the near future. Then again they have the Mariners and Seahawks to help ease the pain.


    This has been the greatest NBA regular season since the late 80s when Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, and Isiah Thomas were in the league. Many people have said that was the golden age of the NBA. If it was golden then, it’s platinum now.

    The questions surround the NBA has made one most predictable professional sport leagues intriguing. It will only get better with the playoffs starting in a month, and I “Can’t Wait” (Bart Scott style).

-Kortney Shane Williams

Comedian and Writer

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“King James?” I’ll Just Call Him the Small Forward, That’s Taking His Talents to South Beach

The LeBron James Mural Will Be Fully Removed From Cleveland's Skyline Within the Next Few Days

Let’s begin…

Reaction from the decision

I’m a Cleveland sports fan. I support the Indians, the Browns, and the Cavaliers. So, I was definitely paying attention to the LeBron James (by the way that’s the last time I’ll mention his name. He now gets the Bill Parcells to T.O. treatment. I now call him the small forward) dog and pony show. I’ll spare you on the Cleveland sports venom. You can get that on a message board somewhere. I’m here to give perspective. I find no fault in the small forward leaving Cleveland. It was probably time to go. I left Cleveland twice, and I didn’t have to get paid to do it. So, I don’t consider him a traitor for leaving. However, could he have found a classer way to do it? You talk about a kick in the groin. Even the crowd winced when he said Miami. He knows what the city of Cleveland has gone through when it comes to sports, so why would you add to it? Why would you want to be public enemy number 1? He went from loved, to hated in one sentence. I’ve never seen anything like that before. I don’t know how pissed off you have to be to want to stab a fan base like that. Sure Delonte West had sex with your mother, but the fans weren’t video taping it. Why take it out on them? That was a bad move, and it pretty much guaranteed that you will never be able to come back to Cleveland. Even if you run out of gas passing through Cleveland, you better push your car to Youngstown. So, good luck on your first game back in Cleveland.

What did the small forward give up?

On July 8th 2010 at 9 ET, the small forward gave up the chance of being one of the top 10 players to ever play in the NBA. All of his accomplishments will be diminished, because of the players he played with, and the means by which he got there. Let’s just say that he went to New York or Chicago? Not only would he have been the alpha dog of the team, but he would have been able to beat Wade, Kobe, Dwight Howard, and Carmelo by himself. He would have been seen as the guy that took down the best players in his era. He would have been the ultimate champion of his time. His legacy would have been comparable to the greatest players ever. People may have even argued that he was the greatest player ever. Everyone would have talk bout his combination of size and speed. They would have talk about how he over came adversity, like Jordan and Isaiah did before him. If he wins in Miami, he’s a better version of Robert Horry. No offense to Robert Horry, but there’s no way he could have sniffed icon status. Maybe I’m becoming a grumpy old fan, but I like seeing the best in any Arena go head to head. I want to compare Letterman to Leno, Frazier to Ali, and Magic to Bird. I don’t want to see Bill Gates making a call on iphone. If Ohio State and Michigan decide to merge, I want Woody Hayes to arise from his grave and uppercut the guy that thought it was a good idea.

I still can’t believe that he talked himself into giving up that level of greatness. How did that conversation go? “I could be considered the best player ever. I could play in New York. Maybe I could play in Chicago. I could be the biggest thing to hit that city since Jordan. Naw, I’ve decided to take my talents to South Beach”

Now What?

I think the Miami Heat have to win immediately. That’s the only way you could somewhat justify the decision. If this team doesn’t win multiple championships, it will be a failure. I don’t think they will win a championship in their first year, because they won’t be able to successfully defend in the front.

Depending on how this situation pans out it could change the way free agency is handled in the future. There’s a possibility that we could see more of these super teams in the NBA. If you look at how basketball has changed in the last 15 years. AAU is bigger than ever, no one stays in college, and you access to agents at the age of 13. That’s why the small forward took his talents to South Beach. It’s not about competition in the NBA. It’s about how big you can make your brand, being a celebrity, and not being too hung over on game day.

The summer of 2010 can be summed up in one statement, “In this fall, I’m going to take my talents to South Beach…” That’s the title for the next chapter of the NBA.

-Kortney Shane

Comedian and a writer

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NBA Playoffs Review Part 1: NBA Finals

Let’s begin…

So it’s over. First, I have to offer a formal apology to Doc Rivers, and the Boston Celtics. I was completely wrong about your team. You all were a true championship team, and I was wrong. So, I will no longer rip Doc Rivers for his lack of coaching skills, especially since he worked Phil Jackson throughout the Finals. So the title for “questionable coaching” now belongs to Flip Saunders. I still can’t figure out how he keeps getting jobs.

The NBA Finals was a very good series. The two best teams this series reached the finals, and they didn’t disappoint. There was a blowout, flopping, comedy, and suspense. That’s everything you want a great series to be. By the way, I love the Shrek and Donkey line. I think I like it because Glenn Davis looks like Shrek (not a compliment if you’re wondering), and a cartoon movie fits Nate Robinson perfectly. Why you ask, because it’s has nothing to do with basketball. And I believe the further Nate is away from the ball, the better his career is. I believe one reason the Celtics didn’t win is Nate Robinson. I just don’t think the basketball hierarchy could have accepted him into the Celtic championship club. Just think: Sam Jones, Larry Bird, Dennis Johnson, Kevin Garnett, Kevin McHale, and Nate Robinson. Someone doesn’t belong in that group.

The Celtics had a fantastic season, and they overachieved. As for the champion L.A. Lakers, congratulations, they were the better team throughout the season. Kobe Bryant has now put himself in the discussion of being one of the top 5 NBA players of all time. Now that we have gotten that out the way, let’s talk game seven. Game 7 came down to one thing, closing the game. The Celtics were in the position to win NBA title, but it was derailed Paul Pierce the super hero. Somewhere in between Game2 against Cleveland and Game 7 against the Lakers, Paul Pierce forgot that the reason he was in the finals was Paul Pierce. Without Rondo, the Celtics wouldn’t have gotten out of the second round. However, at the end of Game 7 Pierce is running isolation plays. How many games did he win this post season running isolation? I’ll tell you, none. Dude pass the ball, and run the offense through Rondo. Here’s a rule of thumb, don’t be Vice Carter if you don’t have to be.

Once again Congratulations to the Lakers.

-Kortney Shane

Comedian (Maybe a writer)

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