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The UConn Huskies Are Not the Best Team In The Nation?

The Best Team In America is UConn?

Let’s begin…

So that happened.

    Man that was one of the most unwatchable games I’ve ever seen. Honestly I would not be surprised if someone told me the players were injected with a liquid that was opposed to making people happy. There are 12 year old softball games that are more compelling. That game was so bad that it took me 2 days to write about it. I almost decided against writing about it, because I didn’t want anyone to know I watched it. I was ashamed of myself. IT’s probably the same feeling 30 year old men have when they buy Justin Bieber tickets.

Now everyone agrees that the National Championship game was terrible. Both Butler and UConn had terrible shooting performances, and they were equal culprits in the crime of making that game unwatchable. However, I still hear people saying that UConn is the best team in the country. Really…you have got to be kidding me!

UConn spent the entire season showing the Nation their limitation, and proving to everyone that they were not in the top echelon of college basketball. So, now because they won 6 games in a row that means they’re the best team? I don’t want to take anything for the huskies. They had a great tournament run, and are the 2011 champions of college basketball. They are champs, nothing more and nothing less, but they are not the best team because they won single-elimination tournament.

It’s traditional to think that because someone wins the NCAA Tournament, they are the best team in the county. However, I would argue that since when is a sudden death is not a good way to determine who’s the best. If that were the case every sport on every level would do it. The truth is it’s the worse way of determining who the best team is. As a matter of fact I think the BCS does a better job of determining who the best team is in a season. There has only been one time since the BCS came into existence when I thought the BCS Champion wasn’t the best team (In 2003 you could argue that USC was better than LSU). Does this mean the college basketball should adopt a BCS system? Not necessarily. Instead they should implement a playoff series format.

If the goal is to determine the best, then there should be a series of games played to determine who the best is. Instead of having the NCAA Tournament as currently constructed. Why not invite the best 16 teams, and play five game series. Not only would this give you a champion, but it would significantly reduce the argument of who was the best team. And don’t tell me it can’t be done, because it can. College baseball holds a series to determine who the best is. So, it can be done.

The NCAA Tournament is used to crown the champion of college basketball. However, that champion is not always the best team. Until another format is adopted get use to teams that may not be the best, being crowned as champions. Whether they change the system or not I will continue to watch the games. I just hope that I’m not embarrassed the morning after.

-Kortney Shane Williams

Comedian and Writer


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Kortney Shane’s College Football 2010 Season Review “Thank You Cam Newton!”

Cameron And Cecil Newton Got Paid?

Let’s begin…

My take away from this season is one thing, Cam Newton. There are other stories that I will talk about, but Newton is the main event. So let me get the undercards out of the way.

The most surprising story this year is the Texas Longhorns. Now I know they lost Colt McCoy (McCoy was their quarterback for the previous 4 years and currently holds the records for most career wins in college football. He now plays for the Cleveland Browns which I think is the highlight of his career), but you’re Texas. You’re supposed to get quarterbacks like Bill Cosby gets Jell-O pudding, “very easily.” Texas has decided to fire their offensive coordinator which is a bit of a knee jerk, but after this kind of season someone has to go. They’ll be better next year…I think so.

The most overrated portion of College Football is the Pac-10. Now before I rip the Pac-10 allow me to say I love the west coast. As a matter of fact I live in Seattle. I think there are serviceable football teams in this time zone, and some excellent quarterbacks. However this is not a great place for football. Between Google, lattes, and tree hugging there is no emotion left for sports. So to compare the Pac-10 to the SEC is about as smart as Jake Locker coming back to school another year (Even Lindsay Lohan thinks that was a bad decision). If you give the Pac-10 time and patience, they will come through below the big boys every time.

Over the last year and two months Urban has conducted a clinic on how to quit a job after success. If you didn’t attend the clinic, shame on you because it was open to the public. After two titles and Tim Tebow, Meyer saw that he was at the top of the heap. Actually it wasn’t a heap. It was more like a cliff, with mediocrity and irrelevance at the bottom. So, what does Urban do? He toys publicly with the idea of retiring (because he knew it was going to be tough to stay on top), and eventually ends up coming back for another year. Now he decides walks away after taking half a step off that cliff (He probably saw a lot of jagged rocks and Nick Saban laughing at him).

Urban Meyer said he retired from the Florida Gators to be with his family. Coaching at a high level is time consuming and unhealthy. Only thing that makes coaching worse is losing. I think it’s odd when people want to spend more time with their family as soon as their ship starts sinking. I’m not going to say he is lying. I will say he hasn’t coached his last game. “Urban thanks for showing the public how to get out. Now get in there and coach the Denver Broncos.”

Finally we arrive, Cam Newton!

First let’s get something straight. Cameron Newton got paid to play college football…now let’s move on.

For the last year I’ve been trying to think of a way to pay college players without creating a competitive advantage for NCAA teams (if you have any suggestions email me). Amidst my struggle, here come Cam Newton and his pops. Until I figure that out I want to formally adopt Cecil Newton’s (Cam’s father (I like to call him Don King Jr)) pay for play scheme. So, until I figure out a solution, “Parents are the only people allowed to negotiate contracts for college athletes. It’s only right that kids get paid. Now excuse me…I have to figure out how to keep Boise State out of the BCS.”

Cameron Newton has game. Anyone would like to have a player like him on their team. I watched this guy week after week trying to find the flaws in his game, and every week I ended up disappointed. I would mumble under my breath, “There’s no way a guy could win with a team that bad. His coach is Gene Chizik for goodness sake. Prior to this year his record was 13-24.”

I am skeptical about how much he will win as an NFL quarterback, because the guy has a lot of LeBron James in him (You win big individually but you can never quite get over the hump and win championships at the highest level). During an interview he uttered the phrase, “…I also told him. I was going to take my talents to Auburn.” That phrase should be on the ban list in the “Good P.R. Handbook.” Stop with the “taking of talents.” Especially is you’ve already stole a laptop, cheated on a test, and lied to the NCAA. How about you take the money from Auburn and go to the NFL.

The college football season was good. I could have done without all the Pac-10 breakdowns and BCS debate shows. The only thing that pisses me off more than the BCS, is people that debate it at nauseam. We all get it the BCS stinks, but it’s not going away. Treat the BCS like a spouse that you owe a lifetime of alimony. The only way to stop it is to kill it. So let’s be quiet until it dies.

-Kortney Shane

Comedian and Writer

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“Hey Reggie Bush, god Wants His Heisman Back!”

Reggie Bush Will Always Be A Heisman Winner

Let’s begin…

    So, incase you haven’t heard College Athletes get paid all the time. Sorry to break the news so casually, but that’s the deal. The problem is that college athletes being compensated, violates NCAA rules. That means no cash compensation, no items given to an athlete (cars, houses, trips, jobs, etc.), no drinks on the house, no strippers on credit; basically no fun with out the NCAA sending the fun through an Iraq like airport check. The latest high profile athlete to be found guilty of violating the rules is Reggie Bush. Now to be fair Bush probably violated every rule2-3 times a week, so everyone knew. Except for the NCAA, who actually want you to believe that it took 5 years of investigation to figure out, the best football player in L.A was getting paid. (By the way, 5 years is way too long to investigate anything, unless you’re looking for Bin Laden, because we’re getting really close to finding that guy). Note to the world: Great people in any field get compensated, immediately.

    Consequently the NCAA punished UCS (the school Reggie Bush attended) by stripping them of wins, and future scholarships. I had no problem with that, because there should be some type of punishment. However, a report surfaced today that the Heisman trophy may be stripped from USC, because he was ineligible for the season he won the award. What? The association that rewards the Heisman has nothing to do with the NCAA. It seems like they’re trying to argue that Reggie Bush was ineligible, so technically he didn’t exists that year. The problem is, he did exist. I watched Reggie Bush shred college teams throughout his career. Bush was the one of the 2 best college football athletes (the other is Michael Vick) in the last 25 years. So, how can you try to erase that from my memory? Why don’t you just reward the best player on the field that year? Think about this. Let’s say you steal a car to go to work, and for 5 years no one finds out. During those 5 years you’re employee of the month for the entire 5 years. You get arrested during the 6th year at Wal-Mart right before you clock in. Now let me ask you. When you go to jail for stealing that car, should they also take away your employee of the month plaques? Yeah, I don’t think they should take them back either.

-Kortney Shane

Comedian (Maybe a writer)


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Kortney Shane’s College Football Preview: Week 1


Who Will Rise To The Occasion

Let’s begin…

    Man it fells good to be a sports fan right about now. Why you ask? Just check out the title of this post. I’ll give you a couple second, because some of my readers are remedial. It’s time for college football. The football season will open up this Thursday with great games this Saturday starring TCU, LSU, and Oregon State. This Labor Day however is the game of the week. Make no mistake about it; this game will end all National Title hopes for the team that loses this game. The game I’m referring to is Boise State v. Virginia Tech. The hype surrounding this game will be met in full. I believe that both teams will be ready to play, and there will be a Championship atmosphere. This, my friend is Boise Sate and Virginia Tech’s shot to practically guarantee themselves a National Championship bid. You can’t ask for anything more in the opening week of a season.


This is what you need to know. Virginia Tech just has better players than Boise Sate. They have a underrated quarterback, a good defense, and a fantastic coach. This will also practically be a home game for Tech. You may say, “There playing in D.C. that’s not Virginia.” And after you told me that I would tell you, “To check out a map. Find D.C. then find Virginia…now agree with me that it’s a home game.” Only way Tech fans don’t show up. Is if in a weird way the channel the energy of Tampa Bay Rays fans, and are secretly trying to get rid of the team.

With that being said, Virginia Tech always starts slow at the beginning of the season. Also Boise Sate has proved in the past that they can beat teams better than them on any given day. So, I don’t think that Boise State is scared by any Stretch of the imagination. I actually think that Boise Sate fans are more confident than Virginia Tech’s. I absolutely love the Broncos‘ receiving core, Quarterback, and coach. I wish I liked their smurf turf, but it makes them look like a dope. I think if you want to be taken seriously, you have to stop panting you field weird colors.

I think this game comes down to talent and coaching. While I think that Boise Sate has the coaching, they just don’t have the players. I also think if the game gets close, the environment will eat them alive. It’s easier to beat a team when you’re an underdog, because no one is expecting you to win. However, you’re Boise State, #3 in the Nation; you could make history and win the National title. This is the first time you’re supposed to win the big game.

I don’t think you can do it. Virginia Tech wins, 27 – 14

“Boise Sate welcome to the big boys table. Now go get us some coffee.”

-Kortney Shane

Comedian (Maybe a writer)

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New York, New York and…Coach K?

Let’s begin…

So, I woke up this morning, started my coffee pot, read my bible, and turned on my computer. I see the front page story on ESPN about the New Jersey Nets. Their soon to be new owner Mikhail Prokhorov, wants to hire Coach Mike Krzyzewski (now the coach at Duke University) and will pay him $15 million dollars.

My first thought was, “Wow that’s a lot of money, and he’s definitely not worth it.”

Then I started listening to sports radio and analysts talk (people that get paid to do this. Unlike me, I do it out of the goodness of my heart) and most of them were actually arguing that it would be a good idea. Many of them said, “Well if they get LeBron James, Coach K, and John Wall, they could be good next year.”

Hey, check this out guys that have no idea what reality is. There are four conditional terms in that statement, and it’s very probable that none of them will happen. Also, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but LeBron is 26, and ready to win now. You think he’s hinging his legacy on, John Wall? That guy has never once woken up, and thought, “The playoffs start today.” That has never entered his mind. If, and I repeat if, John Wall is great it will be about four years until he’s ready to win multiple playoff series (for the boys and girls paying close attention, LeBron is now 30. Now tell the idiot next to you with the “Nets to Brooklyn tee shirt on). So, 4 years in john Wall is an All-Star, LeBron is still the best player in the league, and coach K is getting paid like Chris Tucker in Rush Hour 2…but hold on! Did you forget john Wall’s contract is up? He’s going to want to get paid. Oh yeah, and that other guy, last name James, he’ll have one year left on the max five year deal. He’ll have maybe one Championship appearance, and zero titles. What?…huh…why zero you ask? A couple reasons, Dwight Howard and Kevin Durant (we can debate Durant later. For right now I’ll continue kicking New York fans in the groin). So, who’s to say at that point LeBron (still 30 by the way) won’t leave, along with Coach K.? Now you’re left with john Wall, a player you would have had regardless.

But the whole idea of the Nets (I don’t know if I should say New Jersey or Brooklyn? Does it matter? They’ll suck either way) getting all these players, speaks to the bigger idea, and assumption about New York. All I ever hear is “New York is the Mecca of basketball” says who (personally I blame it on Sinatra), and why would they say that? Is it because they have better pick up basketball than Philadelphia or is it the And 1 mix tape? Neither the Knicks nor the Nets are championship organizations (and don’t throw 2 championships in the 70s. If 2 championships made you a championship organization, The Florida Marlins would have signed Alex Rodriguez?) The problem with professional basketball in is this. Are you ready? Alright, New York City basketball is like the guy you went to high school with that every girl wanted. So they never developed the art of getting women (babes, chics, or broads, depending on what era you were born in). Now there 30 year old in the club try to get women by knocking their books out of their hand. Oh and it never work (Did I really need to say that?). Mean while, there friend with better looks (the Yankees) and their other friends with no natural talent that ended up adapting (Mets, Jets, and Giants) have passed them bye. Now the Knicks and Nets are struggling to get back in the “Cool Cat Club.”

This is what New York should do. Build a team. Then maybe you wouldn’t need LeBron, Coach K, and John Wall to be competitive.

        With that being said, I will be moving to N.Y. in less than a year. Let’s just say the comedy scene is Championship level.

-Kortney Shane

Comedian (Maybe a writer)

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