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NBA Trade Deadline: Credit LeBron James “The Trend Setter” and What Was Danny Ainge Thinking?

Let’s begin…

    Who would have thought a kid from Akron Ohio would change the landscape of the NBA with a one hour television special (that special could have lasted 2 minutes, but you have to add 58 minutes for Narcissism, Jim Gray, and the statement, “I’m Taking My Talents To South Beach” But hey, he did it for the kids…Trick love the kids). After LeBron James’ decision, there was universal criticism for what he did to the city of Cleveland, and justifiably so. Now I think it’s time to give LeBron James and Dwyane Wade some credit for being visionaries.

When Pat Riley formed the new look Miami Heat this offseason. He put the NBA on notice, and loudly said, “This is how the games, is going to be played.” Players and GMs took notice and the Superstar Trading Spree kicked into high gear. Now 8 months later Carmelo Anthony and Deron Williams are already on the move to another city. Why…because the Nuggets and Jazz didn’t want to end up like the Cavaliers (By the way the New Orleans Hornets and Orlando Magic are on notice). The winners in those trade scenarios were the New Jersey Nets and the New York Knicks, but will their respective moves lead to a championship.

Despite the trades the Knicks and Nets have made, they’re still playing catch up to the Miami Heat. Not only does Miami have two hall of fame players, but they also have a hall of fame coach overlooking basketball operations. That’s something that neither New York nor New Jersey will be able to duplicate anytime in the near future. In addition to that, the new collective bargaining agreement is looming in the horizon. It’s inevitable that the new CBA will have regulations to prevent super teams like the one constructed in Miami. So, “Good luck to the Knicks and Nets, but I’d keep those championship rings on a wish list.”

I planned on stopping my post right here. As a matter of fact I had this written yesterday. I thought I was finish. Until…I woke up and big Baron Davis was on my television screen smiling with his homeless man’s beard. Underneath his picture it read that he was trade to the Cavs. So, I couldn’t resist weighing in on my man B.D. For the amount of money that Davis has stolen over the past 2 years this is justice. He’s always out of shape and would have eaten himself out of the league in Shawn Kemp like fashion, if not for Blake Griffin rejuvenating him. So Blake Griffin shows up this year. Baron embraces him, and even helps him win the dunk contest. Now the Clippers actually have the buzz that owner Donald Sterling wanted when he acquired Baron Davis 2 years ago, and what happens next…Baron and his beard are shipped to Lake Erie for Mo Williams. How pissed are you if you go to bed in L.A. and wake up in Shaker Heights. I mad just thinking about it. Then again I’m a Cavaliers fan so I’ve been pissed since June.

The other trade that caught my attention today was the Boston Celtics sending Kendrick Perkins to the Oklahoma City Thunder for Jeff Green and Nenad Krstic. This is a great trade for Oklahoma City, and if they’re able to resign him, it will make them championship contenders for years to come. So, I know why the Thunder did this, and I applaud them. Now what the hell was Danny Ainge thinking? I’ve never been convinced of his skills as a General Manager, but who thought he would expose himself with a championship on the line? The Celtics are a championship team with Perkins, so why would they trade him for Nenad Krstic. There are only two reasons to excuse this trade. The first reason is that the Celtics believe they can’t resign Kendrick Perkins (he has already turned down a deal from the Celtics this year). The other reason is Ainge still owes Sam Presti for the robber he helped him pull off when he gave him Ray Allen in 2007. Personally I believe they wouldn’t have been able to keep Kendrick Perkins, but under this circumstance, you don’t jeopardize a championship. I never thought I would say this, but the Heat have a great chance to win a championship this year.

Now excuse while I go on EBay and place a bid on a Baron Davis jersey.

-Kortney Shane Williams

Comedian and Writer


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Let’s Stop With Carmelo Anthony Trade Speculation Already

Does It Matter Which New York Teams Picks Carmelo?

Let’s begin…

The Carmelo Anthony trade speculations has been nauseating (That may be too harsh of a word, but I do feel like throwing up. Mainly because of the Vodka last night, but it makes me feel better if I blame it on sports). By this time everyone knows Anthony will end up in New York. It’s just a question of when, and will it be the Nets or the Knicks.

What no one is asking is why.

Why is it worth me caring about where Carmelo Anthony is going to play? What has he done during his NBA career to garner this kind of attention? As much as I want Melo to go to the Knicks and matter, there’s a better chance that this could be Dominique Wilkins and Stacy Augman situation all over again, if he is eventually paired up with Amare Stoudemire. We have already seen Carmelo in this situation. He played with Kenyon Martin (a comparable athlete at the time) and he couldn’t get it done. Not only did he play with Martin, he played with a good supporting cast add a Hall of Fame head coach, and what do you get…early playoff exits (At one time he played with Allen Iverson. It sounded good at the time, now…not so good). Those teams were better than every Knicks team for the last 15 years, and he still got it done (You see what I did right there? I mix in a random stat to increase my credibility). So, good luck to the Knicks if you make that move.

I’m still not counting out the New Jersey Nets. I know Mikhail Prokhorov came out last week and said the Nets were out of the running, and as much as I respect his gangster (God knows I respect his gangster. Anytime someone accumulates a billion dollars with no receipts, I take notice). I just can’t believe an organization that will be opening a new arena in Brooklyn would pass on the opportunity to add one of Brooklyn’s own to their team. Call me a skeptic, but I think they want to sell tickets. The obvious problem with Melo going to the Nets is he will become even more irrelevant. If he thinks he doesn’t matter now, go to Nets. That’s the equivalent of quitting your job at Wal-Mart to work at a car wash.

Another question no one is asking is why Carmelo wants to leave. Everyone assumes he wants to win, or play in New York because that’s where he’s from. However, I strongly disagree with that assumption. Before this year you never heard about Anthony being disgruntled. He never complained of not winning or his need to play in New York. I thought he was having a great time in Denver scoring 30 points a game and not playing defense. Only thing that changed is that he got married. Ding, ding, ding (That’s me saying I just cracked the case. I actually made the noise out loud when I wrote that). His wife wants to live in New York…that means he wants to move to New York. So, let’s stop acting like Carmelo is fed up with underachieving.

*For the record I would never do that, because I wouldn’t have lived in Denver in the first place. No offense to Denver, that’s just too much snow.

I don’t know where Carmelo Anthony with play next year. I don’t know whether he will win a championship. I do know him leaving the Nuggets doesn’t garner the attention it’s getting. I also know has played on better teams than both the Knicks and Nets. So no matter where he goes expect what you’ve seen for the last 6 years. All I want to know is will La La take that Prokhorov money.

-Kortney Shane Williams

Comedian and Writer


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Emergency Post: LeBron James Talks Contraction “Child Please”

Should James Stop Talking?

Let’s begin…

At what point is, “I’m just a young kid” no longer a valid excuse for making a bad decision? I think it’s at the age of 25 or whenever you start making adult decisions. Whichever comes first.

I’m just a young kid is LeBron James‘ go to move. More than his step back jumper, or a dunk in traffic. He loves to tell you how young and innocent he is.

In the latest edition of I’m just a kid. James made a comment over the weekend where he supports the idea of contraction, and all-stars teaming up in the NBA (personally I agree with the statement, because of the level of incompetence in certain organizations. Can you say, L.A. Clippers)? He stated that it would be a better league, because teams would be more competitive.

This statement is unpopular because people around the league will lose jobs, and the players union is trying to negotiate a deal with the NBA. The players union wants to get their clients the most money possible. In order to receive that money you have to show that the league is profitable and the players deserve a huge chunk. So, if teams are contracted it shows that teams aren’t profitable, and it hinders the players negotiating power. In conclusion LeBron helped the other team, which isn’t the first time. Please see 2010 playoff Boston game 5.

When LeBron was questioned about his comments he said, “I don’t even know what the word contraction means…” Really…you want me to believe you made it to the age of 26 without knowing the definition of contraction. Come on man. Don’t piss on me and tell me it’s raining because sooner or later I’m going to taste the salt.

If LeBron just came out and said I’m a douche people would respect him more. And if you don’t know what words mean, STOP TALKING. Take a page out of the Michael Jordan Hand Book For P.R. Dummies and say nothing (Jordan never took a stand on anything. You could ask him if Wheaties truly was the breakfast of champions and he’d plead the fifth). Everyday I’m happier he left Cleveland, and took his talents to South beach…another “I’m just a kid” move.

-Kortney Shane

Comedian and Writer

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How D-Wade Wins The East . . .


Miami Is In A Predictable Position?

Recently, the “Big 3” took their talents to S. Beach.  So far, not so good.  With the exception of Chris Bosh, it looks like everybody took a step in the negative direction where it matters most.  After their most recent unimpressive victory over Bosh’s old boys the Toronto Raptors, the Heat, projected by idiots across the USA to win 72 games or more, are only 2 games better than .500.

Now, I could go on and on for days about why this is happening, who’s to blame, or who’s not going to have a job by the time Pat Riley can say 2006, but those are all for other blogs.

Nope.  Today, I want to address a simple and egregious statement made by Erik Spoelstra (I don’t care if I spelled it right) and D-Wade, and break down why these two and LBJ MAY be on two, different pages.

After their second loss to the Boston Celtics, both of the Heat vets from last year (Spoelstra and Wade) made the same statement:  “We know we won’t be playing our best b-ball until end of January going into February.”

As the above statement was being said, I think I heard LeBron inside his head saying “well . . . ‘What Should I Do?’ until then???”  However, neither the King, nor I should be surprised.  Why?  Because this is the terrible basketball Miami plays EVERY YEAR! This year isn’t a special exception. I believe this has little to do with special offensive sets that need to be drawn up and much more to do with tradition.  Traditionally, every year, the Miami Heat and Wade don’t play basketball until after the All-Star Break.  Why…because in the Eastern Conference you don’t need to.  Wade beats up on the teams he can, steals a win or three from a playoff contender and then cruise controls it to April/May for the playoffs.

I looked at the records and what I found supported this argument.  All of last year, the Heat had about 9 wins against playoff teams that went to the second-round.  The other times they played these same teams (save the Orlando Magic) they lost.  They had only 23 wins by Feb. 6, 2010, they were 23-27 before they/Wade decided to make the playoffs last year.  All the while, King James had nearly double this amount of wins and his Cavs stood at 43-10 by the same date last year.  So, while James was playing for the best record not just in the East, but in the entire league, on his way to his second MVP.  Flash and company decided to take the easy road.  They beat up on easy wins (see Indiana, N.J., Wash., Golden State, et al.) and didn’t start playing LAST year until February.  Which leads me to believe this year’s late start is more by choice than D-Wade would have a King to believe.  But the proof is in the record. . .

Long story short, LBJ doesn’t take games off and he doesn’t fancy losing often.  No wonder these last two Celtics games he’s just decided to play them into it in the 4th quarter, turning double-digit leads into mere 5 pt. victories for the C’s.  To add insult to injury, they lost AT HOME. LeBron doesn’t even know what that looks like.  He nearly NEVER loses at home.  Only 6 home losses for Bron-Bron last year (including 2 to the C’s in the playoffs).  Further, when he plays, he plays to beat the best.  Why does D-Wade get 23 points combined in both Celtic games, but then avg. high 20’s versus all other opponents?  Is he just having off-days, or is he just not used to actually needing to show up for work before MLK day???

I think this will end-up with LeBron making a brand new Nike commercial in 3 years, similar to Tiger Wood‘s famed commercial of last year, but instead it will be Michael Jordan’s voice asking softly in the background: “Did You Learn Anything?”

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“King James?” I’ll Just Call Him the Small Forward, That’s Taking His Talents to South Beach

The LeBron James Mural Will Be Fully Removed From Cleveland's Skyline Within the Next Few Days

Let’s begin…

Reaction from the decision

I’m a Cleveland sports fan. I support the Indians, the Browns, and the Cavaliers. So, I was definitely paying attention to the LeBron James (by the way that’s the last time I’ll mention his name. He now gets the Bill Parcells to T.O. treatment. I now call him the small forward) dog and pony show. I’ll spare you on the Cleveland sports venom. You can get that on a message board somewhere. I’m here to give perspective. I find no fault in the small forward leaving Cleveland. It was probably time to go. I left Cleveland twice, and I didn’t have to get paid to do it. So, I don’t consider him a traitor for leaving. However, could he have found a classer way to do it? You talk about a kick in the groin. Even the crowd winced when he said Miami. He knows what the city of Cleveland has gone through when it comes to sports, so why would you add to it? Why would you want to be public enemy number 1? He went from loved, to hated in one sentence. I’ve never seen anything like that before. I don’t know how pissed off you have to be to want to stab a fan base like that. Sure Delonte West had sex with your mother, but the fans weren’t video taping it. Why take it out on them? That was a bad move, and it pretty much guaranteed that you will never be able to come back to Cleveland. Even if you run out of gas passing through Cleveland, you better push your car to Youngstown. So, good luck on your first game back in Cleveland.

What did the small forward give up?

On July 8th 2010 at 9 ET, the small forward gave up the chance of being one of the top 10 players to ever play in the NBA. All of his accomplishments will be diminished, because of the players he played with, and the means by which he got there. Let’s just say that he went to New York or Chicago? Not only would he have been the alpha dog of the team, but he would have been able to beat Wade, Kobe, Dwight Howard, and Carmelo by himself. He would have been seen as the guy that took down the best players in his era. He would have been the ultimate champion of his time. His legacy would have been comparable to the greatest players ever. People may have even argued that he was the greatest player ever. Everyone would have talk bout his combination of size and speed. They would have talk about how he over came adversity, like Jordan and Isaiah did before him. If he wins in Miami, he’s a better version of Robert Horry. No offense to Robert Horry, but there’s no way he could have sniffed icon status. Maybe I’m becoming a grumpy old fan, but I like seeing the best in any Arena go head to head. I want to compare Letterman to Leno, Frazier to Ali, and Magic to Bird. I don’t want to see Bill Gates making a call on iphone. If Ohio State and Michigan decide to merge, I want Woody Hayes to arise from his grave and uppercut the guy that thought it was a good idea.

I still can’t believe that he talked himself into giving up that level of greatness. How did that conversation go? “I could be considered the best player ever. I could play in New York. Maybe I could play in Chicago. I could be the biggest thing to hit that city since Jordan. Naw, I’ve decided to take my talents to South Beach”

Now What?

I think the Miami Heat have to win immediately. That’s the only way you could somewhat justify the decision. If this team doesn’t win multiple championships, it will be a failure. I don’t think they will win a championship in their first year, because they won’t be able to successfully defend in the front.

Depending on how this situation pans out it could change the way free agency is handled in the future. There’s a possibility that we could see more of these super teams in the NBA. If you look at how basketball has changed in the last 15 years. AAU is bigger than ever, no one stays in college, and you access to agents at the age of 13. That’s why the small forward took his talents to South Beach. It’s not about competition in the NBA. It’s about how big you can make your brand, being a celebrity, and not being too hung over on game day.

The summer of 2010 can be summed up in one statement, “In this fall, I’m going to take my talents to South Beach…” That’s the title for the next chapter of the NBA.

-Kortney Shane

Comedian and a writer

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LeBron James: Free Agency Announcement on ESPN Thursday 9pm ET

ESPN Thursday 9 ET

Let’s begin…

According to ESPN LeBron James will decide his free agency future on National TV. He will announce his decision Thursday on ESPN during a 9pm ESPN Special. No one knows where the announcement will be held, which is important because that could tip James’ hand. But why make a decision so public? I could only come to one reason, humongous ego.

For LeBron’s sake I hope he announces his intent to stay in Cleveland. To make a spectacle of leaving a city that depends on you so much is bad karma. If you decide to move on that fine, but you have to do it the right way. To say James wouldn’t be welcome in the city of Cleveland is an understatement. He will be the most hated entertainer in the history of Cleveland, if he leaves in this fashion. If he does announce his intent to stay in Cleveland, the city will breathe a collective sigh of relief. However what about Miami, Chicago, and New York?

First off Miami won’t miss a beat. They’re happy to keep Dwayne Wade and acquire Chris Bosh. Most of Miami won’t even watch the special, because they have better things to do. The city will not find out were LeBron will play until sometime Saturday morning.

If LeBron passes on the Bulls, their fans will be disappointed… but I think the Statue in front of the United Center will help them get over it. If he decides to go to Chicago, the city will welcome him. There will be great anticipation for his first home game. The whole city will be talking. “What will LeBron do?” “How many points will he score” “This will be great!” Then on their way inside the United Center they’ll see the statue out front…

New York will be pissed if they miss out on LeBron. They were the prohivitive3 favorites to acquire his services for the last 2 years. However it was fumbled away by tanking regular season, bad draft picks, and the ghost of Isaiah. I’m not even going to entertain the idea of LeBron going to New York, because it isn’t going to happen. But hey New York Amare Stoudemire and a lack of defense will save the day.

Thursday July 8th, we will all be witnesses.

-Kortney Shane

Comedian (Maybe a writer)

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NBA Free Agency 2010; All About LeBron James Part 2

So this offseason is all about LeBron James. Where will he play? Maybe he’ll play with Dwayne Wade or Chris Bosh. Will he win a championship?

Well here are all the possible scenarios. There are only 3 teams that have a chance of employing LeBron next season, and 1 team with a delusional shot. Those teams are Miami, Chicago, Cleveland, and The Clippers respectively. Now he should find his way to Dallas, but that’s not going to happen. I will say that my thoughts and opinion changes almost daily on what he’ll do, so I’ll layout the 4 possible scenarios. If LeBron wants to win he’ll go to Miami. However, his stay in Miami will be short lived. Any Hall of Famer can win multiple championships with another hall of famer, just look at Bill Russell. The problem is the egos in Miami won’t be able to coexist, just ask Kobe and Shaq. I give that relationship 3 years, 5 max before LeBron leaves town. “They don’t make them like they did in the 60s.”

    If you want to challenge the legend go to Chicago. That’s the only reason to go there. There’s no need to put that kind of pressure on yourself if you don’t think you can surpass that legacy. Playing in Chicago is the ultimate challenge. Maybe LeBron is up to it?

    You go to the L.A. Clippers if winning is secondary to becoming a superstar. Yes the Clippers could win with LeBron, but that’s a slim chance. That franchise is historically bad, and the owner doesn’t want to spend money. I’m talking Carl Lewis singing the national anthem bad. If he does chose L.A. he’ll become a star win or lose. “LeBron if you want to be a billion dollar athlete go to the Clippers, just don’t get talked into making ‘Kazaam 2′”

    If you want the burden of saving a city, stay in Cleveland. Winning in Cleveland gives you the opportunity to be the greatest player ever, the highest paid player ever, and the most beloved athlete by his home town. Only other team that comes close to offering that is the Clippers. The problem there is the Clippers will never be the Lakers. Just like the Nets won’t be the Knicks, Mets won’t be the Yankees, and Soccer won’t be anything. You can’t be a number one when you play for a number 2. Now LeBron can have this kind of power if he wins in Cleveland. At the same time if he stays and loses? It’s Kevin Garnett all over again. Another player that could have been top 10 all time if he wouldn’t have let a max contract and loyalty get in the way. Losing in Cleveland is high devastating. It’s not like losing in Miami. You see when Dwayne Wade loses in the first round every year, a day later he has a smile in his face. If you lose in Cleveland you don’t get a back rub on the beach by a super model, you’re forced watch the Cleveland Indians in your basement while you cry during commercial breaks.

    Today I think LeBron takes the money and Celebrity status challenge. LeBron will wear number 6 and a Bulls logo on his chest.

What teams will be the big winners this offseason?

1st The Miami Heat with two guaranteed franchise players.

2nd Chicago with whatever piece they add.

3rd Cleveland they lose Shaq’s big contract and keep or lose LeBron. I smell cap room.

The only loser is the New York Knicks. “You gave away the last 2 season to pull of a sure fire miracle. Your problem was and still is Isaiah Thomas. New York you should always play to win now.”

-Kortney Shane

Comedian (Maybe a writer)

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