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Emergency Post: “Make Way For Bill Cowher!”

Let’s begin…

Can we please stop with the Bill Cowher mania! He’s a good coach. I repeat, a good coach. He’s not exceptional by any stretch of the imagination. So I can’t figure why everybody is treating him like Vince Lombardi. Cowher is not going to turn around anybody’s franchise. He can get you over the hump if your team is ready to win, but what is that saying. If that’s what you’re looking for save 20 million dollars and higher Barry Switzer (In my opinion Switzer is a better coach than Cowher. That’s right I said it. Now give me time to put the cap back on this banana cognac).

Bill Cowher is going to get a head coaching job (probably in Miami) and he’s going to be over paid (just like 20 other NFL coaches). This doesn’t make him a bad hire (it would be a good hire for certain teams), it just makes him another NFL coach. So let’s stop treating him like the Dali Lama. This is an above average NFL coach trying to get a job. Treat him like Brian Billick, John Gruden, Jason Garrett, Leslie Frazier, and Urban Meyer (That’s right I said it).

Now let me get back to doing something important.

-Kortney Shane

Comedian and Writer

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NFL Season Preview: NFC Part. 1

The Oakland Raiders Will Surprise The NFC

Let’s begin…

    So, it’s Football season, and it’s time for the NFL Preview. Let me start by previewing the NFC. Why you ask, because when I was in high school the J.V. always played before the Varsity.


    The breakout team in the NFC is between the San Francisco 49ers and the Washington Redskins. I really want to pick the 49ers out right. There talented young players are now a year older, and I personally think Vernon Davis is going to establish himself as a top 3 NFL Tight End. However, they play in a putrid division (one reason I think they will breakout), so they almost have to be good by default. The Washington Redskins will be a good football team. They have upgraded at the 2 most important positions in football, coach and Quarterback. They will finish second in the NFC, and make it to the playoffs.

Overrated Team

    The New York Giants, I just don’t see it. I don’t know what people are drinking. I know they got on a roll in the playoffs a few years ago to win the super bowl. You have to take a look at what they did before and since that run. Everyone forgets that they were going to fire their coach. You don’t almost fire your coach, magically win a Super Bowl, and live happily ever after. Just ask Brian Billick how that works out.

NFC Season MVPs

    Drew Brees and Julius Peppers are my season MVPs.

    Drew Brees is the man on offense. You have to take the champs title before you can change my opinion. Nuff said.

    Now when I say Julius Peppers is the best defensive player, you probably think I’m smoking something, but Peppers is a beast. Plus I haven’t frequented the Mary Jane since college. I do however ride the bus, so there’s a good chance I’m in contact with PCP on a daily basis.

The Worst and the Best

    The worst team is the St. Louis Rams. They have a rookie quarterback, and a head coach that will be fired soon(through no fault of his own), and a running back who will have to rush for 3000 yards for them to even be competitive. “St. Louis just cancel this season, and hope that the scotch tape on Sam Bradford’s shoulder doesn’t come undone.”

    The best team will be the Green Bay Packers. Thy have a great quarterback, a great offense, a good defense, and a good coach. To win in the NFL you have to be able to run the ball and stop the run. The Green Bay Packers will be the best at doing that in the NFC. That’s why they’re going to the Super Bowl.

-Kortney Shane

Comedian (Maybe a writer)

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