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Kortney Shane’s College Football Preview: Week 14

The SEC Championship Is This Saturday. Is Cam Newton Ready?

Let’s begin…

    There’s a lot to talk about.

There’s only one appropriate place to start…Boise State. What happened? As soon as I got on the Boise State bandwagon, the wheels fell off. Maybe the kicker shanked the wheels off? I’m not going to ask how he missed a game winning kick, because I saw his form. By him missing that kick Boise not only missed a chance at a title game, but they also missed out on about $9 million dollars (that’s the money you get for a BCS game appearance, and if you’re wondering the players don’t get any of it. I know that was stressing you out. That’s why I’m here). With that kind of financial hit, I wonder how Boise State is going to afford to paint their field blue.

I completely whiffed on the Auburn vs. Alabama game. I don’t know if Alabama knows, but there is a second half. I’m still waiting for the team that played in the first half to come out of the locker room. I think I speak for Auburn University when I say, “Cam Newton was money well spent.” If you’re going to risk you integrity on someone, risk it on a player that can get you to the title game. I think Auburn should thank Pete Carroll for the blueprint. I suggest they send him a Christmas card.

I want someone to explain to me why TCU went to the Big East. The automatic bid into a BCS bowl game is attractive, but the Big East is terrible. I hate to break the news, but TCU is not any closer to a championship game. As a matter of fact I think it’s easier for them to win a championship now. If I were TCU I would stay in the Mountain West, play maybe two good teams a year, and let everyone else be pissed off because I stole a bowl bid.

My game of the week is the South Carolina Gamecocks vs. the Auburn Tigers


There’s no need to breakdown this game. They played in week 4 so we already know how they match up. I would like to pick South Carolina to win the game. However, it doesn’t seem that smart.

When they played earlier this year South Carolina was beating Auburn by 14 before the Tigers made a comeback and eventually won the game. So does that mean Auburn will win? They do have the best player in college football, and they’re undefeated. At the same time their coaching stinks, and they’ve been winning by comeback victories. Eventually luck will run out…will it run out Saturday?

These teams are even. I have a rule of thumb when college teams are even (rule of thumb? What was that?). Go with the best coach. I’m going with Steve Spurrier.

Gamecocks win, 27 – 23

-Kortney Shane

Comedian and Writer


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Kortney Shane’s College Football Preview: Week 11

This Weekend Is Headlined By An SEC Showdown In The Swamp

Let’s begin…

    After what happened in college football last week, I have no idea who the best team is. I thought it was Alabama, until they lost for the second time. I don’t think Auburn is the best team. They may not even be top 5. I’m not in love with Oregon even though they can beat any team in the country on any field. TCU is a very interesting team. I knew there defense was the best in the country, but after last week I want them to have an automatic bid in the National Championship. Boise State…what can I say. You guys continue to get pushed out, because teams look better than you. I don’t know what to say except, enjoy the Fiesta Bowl. Then you have to look at LSU, Ohio State, Wisconsin, Stanford, Arkansas, and even Iowa and South Carolina. Of course I would like playoffs, but it’s not going to happen. So, allow me to entertain you with my tier rankings (Tier 1. Any Where Anytime – Self-explanatory, Tier 2. Any Given Sunday – They can beat anyone, but things have to go right, Tier 3. Ahhh…I don’t know – They may be competitive, but there a chance they could get blown out).

Any Where Anytime

  1. TCU
  2. Alabama
  3. Oregon

Any Given Sunday

  1. Ohio State
  2. Boise State
  3. LSU
  4. Stanford

Ahhh…I don’t know

  1. Iowa
  2. Arkansas
  3. Wisconsin
  4. South Carolina


There are a few great college football games on the slate this weekend. My game of the week is the South Carolina Gamecocks v. The Florida Gators


I’m picking this game not only because these are both good SEC teams, but this is Steve Spurrier v. Urban Meyer. It’s old Gator vs. new Gator. Usually you can pencil in a win for the Florida Gators whenever South Carolina comes to “The Swamp”. However, the Gators are struggling this year to establish an identity. Meanwhile South Carolina is having their best season since the Carter administration. For the first time since coaching at Florida, it looks like Steve Spurrier likes players on his team. This is a very tough game to call. I think the talent is equal between both teams. Neither one of these teams are great, which makes it hard to pick a winner. I think the Florida Gators will win the game, because of home field advantage

Gators win 24 – 28

-Kortney Shane

Comedian and Writer


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Kortney Shane’s College Football Preview: Week 7


This Weekend Will Feature a Battle Camp Randall Stadium


Let’s begin…

    The story of the weekend was South Carolina beating Alabama. I watch the game, and for the first time I knew Alabama wasn’t going to be able to come back in the fourth quarter. I could just tell by the way The Gamecocks stopped the run. Steve Spurrier decided to make Greg McElroy try to beat them, and he couldn’t do it. I’m not going to say McElroy is not a big game guy. I just think he was put in an unfamiliar position, and couldn’t figure out what to do. South Carolina played a perfect game, and Spurrier had a flawless game plan. I have to give South Carolina an A+. With that being said, Alabama is still the best team in the country. Don’t forget they played Arkansas, Florida, and South Carolina in succession. Those coaches have 3 combined national titles, and 4 years of NFL head coaching experience. For Alabama to come through unscathed is asking a lot.

    The other story that surfaced Sunday was the idea that Boise State would play in the national championship if the season ended today. Not only would The Broncos play in the National title game, but top ranked Ohio State would be #5 in the BCS. “You know what though…the season doesn’t end today.” If the season would have ended last week, Denard Robinson would have won the Heisman trophy. So, I’m not entertaining these hypotheticals where you eliminate half of the regular season.

    This week we’re going to Madison Wisconsin, where the Ohio State Buckeyes will take on the Wisconsin Badgers. This will be the first test for Ohio State.


    I think everyone would agree that Ohio State is the better team. So, I’m not going to insult your intelligence with comparing rosters or coaches. The best team however doesn’t always win. If that were true Alabama would have won last week.

    I think the running game of Wisconsin could create problems, but the Bucks defend the run well. I think the Badgers passing offense is subpar, so I don’t see them gaining an advantage there. I think Wisconsin has to find a way to out scheme the Buckeyes. If the can gain a mental edge over Ohio State they will win Saturday. Ohio State’s weakness is in between their ears. It’s been that way ever since they lost to Florida in the National Championship. The Badgers must stay two steps ahead of Ohio State. I don’t think they can do it. I have to go with Ohio State in this game, because they have the best game planner in Jim Tressel.

Ohio State wins, 33 – 17

-Kortney Shane

Comedian (Maybe a writer)


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