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The 2011 Eastern Conference Finals, Chicago Bulls vs. Miami Heat

Three of the Best Players Will Be Showcased In Eastern Conference Finals

Let’s begin…

Eastern Conference Finals The Chicago Bulls vs. The Miami Heat

In the Eastern Conference we have the top 2 seeds battling it out for the right to go to the NBA Finals. When this season started I wouldn’t have dreamed of this being a possible scenario (which probably says more about me). However after some injuries and bad trades (shout out to Otis Smith and Danny Ainge) here we are.

Don’t be prisoners of the moment. We have seen Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls accomplish great feats throughout the regular season. At one time it was believed that they were the odds on favorite to go to the finals, but as the great Notorious B.I.G. said, “Things Done Changed.” During the post season the Bulls have been proven to be a limited team that does everything right. They’re kind of like a good looking guy with a limited vocabulary. Dude looks good, smells, and has good hygiene, but at the end of the day he going home alone, because he doesn’t have the mouth piece needed to get it done before last call (anyone can get it done after last call. At that point only low hanging fruit is left. You get no points for landing grenades). You can point to the Bulls and they’re defensive intensity, but everybody is playing with intensity at this time of the year. In addition Miami is the best defensive team left in the playoffs. So, Chicago’s two biggest strengths are null.

Now the Bulls definitely have the advantage at point guard. And when I say advantage, I mean it isn’t close. Derrick Rose will embarrass any point on Miami’s roster. Rose probably relishes the opportunity to go up against Mike Bibby. Heck I relish the opportunity to go up against Mike Bibby. Miami should petition the NBA to have the point guard position stricken from NBA rosters, and propose 4 on 4 as an alternative. So everyone would agree that Rose will have his way. Then what?

The Bulls don’t have anybody consistently outside of Rose. Carlos Boozer would be great in this series, but he’s not healthy. So, you’re left with an energetic Joakim Noah, a good player in Luol Deng and a specialist in Kyle Korver. If Miami is smart they will defend Korver and Deng with LeBron and Wade. Bosh will guard Boozer, which is a wash, because Boozer is injured and Bosh is…Bosh. The Bulls are then left with Noah at an advantage at Center. That’s just isn’t enough. You can point at depth as a means to offset this problem, but what happens when LeBron and Wade play 40 minutes…oh yeah they drop 30 on your 7th and 8th men (Depth can be the most overrated thing in the playoffs, especially when the other team’s core is young).

The only way the Miami Heat will lose is if LeBron James and Dwayne Wade have bad games. Those two guys must play great simultaneously for 4 games. The Heat don’t have the margin of error to get by without either of those guys. If the Bulls can somehow find out how to get one of those guys off their game, they will win this series. Now can they do it?

The Bulls problem this series will be offense. Defensively they will be fine. They may even be great, but if they can’t score they will lose (please see the Boston Celtics). This series is summed up perfectly by a friend of mine who said, “If you take away the 3 best players in this series. The Bulls will win this series hands down, because of their depth.” The problem is the 3 best players are playing in this series, and Miami has the best 2.

The Miami Heat win 4 – 1

-Kortney Shane Williams

Comedian and Writer

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Uconn Will Beat Butler, and Win The Championship?

Wich Coach Will Gain The Upper Hand?

Let’s begin…

    So I think there’s a national championship game tonight/today/yesterday, depending on what time you read this. It could have easily gone over your head because no one is really talking about it. This may be because; the Butler Bulldogs are playing in it for the second year in a row. Only this time they should be the odds on favorite to win.

The NCAA Tournament this year is a perfect snapshot of what happens when you make NBA players go to college for a year. When the one and done rule was put into place, most people thought it was going to help the elite programs. However, it helped lower profile teams compete with elite teams. While you have traditional powerhouses like UConn and Kentucky doing well you also have schools like Butler and VCU representing the underdog (Word to the wise. When you make people do something they don’t want to do, they tend to underachieve). So now we have Butler in the national championship game for the second year in a row, consecutively. Before the one in done rule, the bulldogs would have never had a chance to get to the championship game. Why? Well they wouldn’t have been able to recruit the enough talent.

Prior to the one in done rule, elite programs recruited the caliber of players that now attend mid majors, and mid-major programs recruited D-III players that had a very limited chance of competing on a big time level. What this has shown us is when all things are equal; every school is capable of being competitive. Now I don’t say that to diminish Butler in any way. They are a good basketball team with a great coach…let me clarify that. Their couch is a beast. I’m talking Tom Izzo level beast. So, props to Butler. With that being said, I wouldn’t be surprised to see another mid major team in the National Championship next year. As I stated before the system is set up for all teams to be competitive. The downside to this scenario is that every University believes they are entitled to a winning program. There is no excuse for not having a competitive program. I don’t care where you are, or what conference you’re in. You need to be competitive, and if you’re not, the school is justified in firing you. (Full disclaimer I went to USF, and I may or not be inebriated and pissed off right now).

Now let’s talk National title game.

Usually I would give you some kind of prediction or analyst, but I have no clue what’s going to happen. I’ve been wrong since this tournament started, so I not going to try to save this boat now. I’m sinking with the rest of the people on board. I’m like the band on the Titanic. I’m playing while the ship is going down (except my band is playing “Get Money” by The Notorious B.I.G). With that being said…The Butler Bulldogs and Brad Stevens are going to win the National Championship.

I never thought I would utter that last sentence, but I think Butler is going to win. They have the best team. Connecticut has had a great run, and they have over achieved. However, it’s reality check time. The Huskies have yet to play a team that haven’t beaten themselves. When UConn meats Butler on Monday night they will find themselves in a struggle with a team that plays smart. I don’t think Connecticut has the talent to compensate for their lack of basketball I.Q., and it will catch up with them.

Butler is going to win the National Championship…I can’t believe I just said that.

-Kortney Shane Williams

Comedian and Writer


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