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Kortney Shane’s College Football Preview: Week 4

#1 Alabama Takes On #10 Arkansas. Will It Be An Upset?


Let’s begin…


    “Jake Locker, time to wake up. You’ve wet the bed again.” Man! I can’t believe I fell for the façade. I’m a dope. Locker had people fooled into thinking he was actually good. I give him credit for fooling people while never winning a big game in his career. However, I have to dock him points for fooling himself, and not taking 50 million dollars in the NFL. The rest of Washington’s season is irrelevant. At least Locker will have time to change his own sheets.

    I also didn’t see Iowa losing. The deck was definitely stacked against them. They had to go to the West Coast, and play a game at 10:30. However, if you want to be the man, you have to win those games. They didn’t and they’re not the man. Somewhere Ohio State is smiling.


    It’s a good week in college football. Boise State will be in action this week against Oregon State. This is there last big game this year. You also have South Carolina v. Auburn and West Virginia v. LSU. My game of the week is Alabama v. Arkansas.


    The Alabama Crimson Tide will be tested for the first time since the National Championship this week. The Arkansas Razorbacks are a good college football team this year, and they have a great chance to pull the upset. The Razorbacks possibly have the best quarterback in college football this year and a good coach. The will also have home field advantage. And home field advantage in the SEC, can be huge. Alabama has what I think is the best player in college football. He’s (drum roll please) Julio Jones! They also have the best coach in college football, two top 10 running backs, and oh yeah, their quarterback hasn’t lost a game since 8th grade. Now I said the Arkansas has a chance to pull the upset, and if they win that’s exactly what it’ll be. Roll tide!

Alabama wins 35 – 17

-Kortney Shane

Comedian (Maybe a writer)

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Hilary Take it easy on us

So Hilary Clinton won West Virginia today. So, now she is losing by 120 delegates. Now I will be the first to say that I have a lot of faith. I mean I’m an Ohio State fan and I actually believe that they will win the National Championship this year, but Hilary needs to stop. Reality has tapped her on the shoulder, shaking his head in disbelief and said,
“Please…they’ve had enough.”

But for some reason she thinks she will win.

So, Now I must quote Richard Pryor’s Bicentennial Prayer, and ask,
“How long will this bullsh*t go on?”

I really don’t think she can look herself in the mirror and say that she can win. What is she thinking? I mean it’s over.

If I could talk to Hilary I would say,
“Come on baby, its over. This thing is done. Try to be Vice President, but this whole campaign thing is not what you’re good at. Stop! It’s over.”

But she would probably continue, and so I must ask,

“How long will this bullsh*t go on?”

-Kortney Shane

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